New anti-trolling proposals would make New Years honours list illegal…

So of course they had to get Blair’s knighthood in before that becomes law.

As if Delingpole needed to underline my previous point for me, here he is again, stating the fucking obvious:

At least he gets that it’s not unprecendented…

A few years ago, the notoriously crooked Prime Minister Harold Wilson produced what was infamously known as the ‘Lavender List’ of thoroughly undeserved gongs for outrageous cronies.

Look, James… the Lavender List was not ‘a few years ago’. It was 45 years ago. FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO.

If I make a new year’s resolution, it should be to stop sniping at Delingpole. But I just can’t help it. Like scratching eczema or playing with a loose tooth.

How can anyone – and there are a lot of them out there if Twitter is a gauge – stil be surprised at the periodic establishment trollfest that is the honours list?

It’s been a majority shitshow for as long as I can remember. It has always been a mutual back-slapping club for the establishment – a core part of their carrot & stick repertoire.

So, as deplorable as it might be that Miranda Blair got a top knighthood, as do all former PMs, if you’re acting surprised you’re either a moron or a fake.



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