In which Grant Shapps is told to go fuck himself with a cattleprod…

Just who the fuck do these people think they are?

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Grant Shapps wants to make it culturally unacceptable for me to own my organs and reserve the right not to be harvested after death..

I think what really raised my hackles was the use of the phrase “as unacceptable as drink-driving” in the open line of the above passage (from The Times, hence why I can’t link to it). That line is one that’s so overused by authoritarians and bansturbators that it’s utterly clichéd now.

I first actually came across its use with reference to speeding in the car, over 10 years back.

Now, let’s put aside for one moment the fact that I’m not someone whose head explodes with indignation at the thought of someone drink driving… it is, after all, something that was common practice for 50 years, and I very much doubt that in those 50 years, drink driving killed as many people as NHS negligence and bad practice has done in the last 20.

What if we said that something ‘ought to be as unacceptable as NHS negligence’? Then perhaps I could get on board.

Conversely, what if a whole raft of politicians and their hangers-on remained determinedly in denial about drink-driving?

But all that is an aside.

What is boiling my piss is the very idea that Grant Shapps and his ghastly ilk think it’s okay to ‘nudge’ and shame me into accepting the the state has a right to ‘soft dictate’ what happens to my body – MY BODY, YOU FUCKERS – after my death.

Frankly, when I die, they can suck my cold clammy balls.

I don’t say that lightly. My father would probably have benefitted from a kidney donation, had one been available, what with him being in dialysis for 10 years before he died. But that does not – and I suspect this makes me an oddity in today’s pucker-faced hyper-emotional world – mean I believe for one minute that this entitles me to demand (or assert via emotional blackmail) that people must be on the organ donation register.

It’s simply a matter of personal conscience, and yet another example of a place where the government simply should not be. The pernicious fuckers.


6 thoughts on “In which Grant Shapps is told to go fuck himself with a cattleprod…

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  2. Totally with you on this – and I speak as one who’s on the organ donor register and is a regular blood donor. I do however insist that it is my choice and my decision.

    These jumped-up arseholes whose IQ is so low you can’t measure it, you have to dig for it, are in dire need of a pointed* reminder that they are public servants, not public masters.

    I really see the sense in the old saying that a strong desire to stand for public office should be sufficient cause in itself for disqualification.

    *Preferably a very pointed reminder (pike, bayonet etc.,) since they’ve prevented us (other than the criminal classes) from having access to things that go “bang”. All for their own protection of course – it’s got bugger all to do with our safety despite any mealy-mouthed sophistry which emanates from them.

  3. “I think what really raised my hackles was the use of the phrase “as unacceptable as drink-driving”…”

    Indeed so. Whatever view you take of it, drink driving is (currently) a CRIME. Refusing to allow your organs to be harvested after death is not.


  4. Awkward too in that there is not unanimity among the peaceful members of a certain religious community who would be happy to receive but not give.

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