Diane Abbott is right…

You weren’t expecting that, were you?

There are many many things about Diane Abbott that I despise. She’s a galumphing, innumerate race-baiter with a back-catalogue of foot-in-mouth moments more voluminous than the Encyclopedia Britannica. But she is absolutely right about this.

Can anyone be in any doubt that what is going on in the Ukraine is none of our damned business, any more than what goes on in Ireland, Canada or Mexico is Putin’s business?

I don’t claim to understand the specifics of the Ukraine situation. I’m sure Scott Horton can put us in the picture, but I don’t care because it’s none of our business.

Business is pertinent though. War is a business. It makes huge amounts of money for certain industries and individuals. It cares not for the civilians and soldiers killed, the families torn asunder, the children orphaned, the populations genocided, the despots empowered and sponsored, the displacement from regions and the consequent immigration to other countries. The industries and individuals in the war business own a selection of politicians in the UK and USA lock, stock and barrel.

The US record in war since the 60’s is terrible. In spite of having some of the best trained, most committed and talented soldiers in the world, they’re a clown show, because the lions are led by donkeys and directed by mules. In military terms, the UK is the USA’s side-bitch. We also have some talented, committed, highly trained men (not men and women, men) but their equipment is terrible and they too are led by toffee-nosed REMF hoorays who sucked the right dicks at Sandhurst and directed by politicians who are owned either by the military industrial complex or by Israel (but I repeat myself).

Both the US and the UK have committed their forces to a programme of diversity and inclusion which inevitably jeopardises their commitment to excellence. Diversity and inclusion are the enemies of any kind of excellence.

Just as with the vaccines and the previous wars and whatever other horseshit the government has up its sleeve, the media will dutifully bang the drum for the war industry, drumming up the very patriotism that they decry when it is displayed spontaneously by the lower orders.

If this situation in the Ukraine escalates, the politicians and media will all have blood on their hands again, and again, they will get rich as people die.

The legacy media, of course, is dying. Major TV news networks are getting fewer eyes to monetise than tier-2 vidcasters like Tim Pool are. CNN and Sky News cannot even dream of the sort of numbers Joe Rogan gets.

But we all remember the coverage from Gulf War 1 – CNN and others saw HUGE boosts to their viewerships. Right there is the media’s vested interest in drumming up support for war.

If you fall for it, you are a moron and – like the media, the politicians and the war industry – you will end up with blood on your hands.

And just remember: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like Tony Blair’s face.


PS. You’d have seen this a day earlier on Substack.


3 thoughts on “Diane Abbott is right…

  1. Both my granddads fought Russia in the winter war so my morther’s milk gave me a good dose of anti-russkieness, but I have to say there is a lot of russophobia around. I’ll start supporting UK defending Ukrainian borders when our own borders are being protected, until then please mr Putin teach our army proper pronouns!

    • Quite right.

      I have no particular love or affinity for Russia, though I do admire the way they are by far and away the least PC people I’ve ever worked with. Getting one of them talking in the office about black people or gays is likely to get you a disciplinary just for being within earshot. Hilarious.

  2. Substacks are piles of paper stored in university basements. Digital storage is super-transient. The substacks hold all the info; research papers etc.

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