The ‘told you so’ scoreboard keeps racking up those W’s….

From last year:

All of those people who are demanding draconian measures… are… women. See for yourself the ‘when are you going to crack down’ questions being asked during the Prime Minister’s daily briefings, and by whom.

The don’t-need-no-man-fish-bicycle brigade sure do need a man… and that man is The Man.


Again… barmy vagina-haver advocates iron reign.


This whole reaction to the Wuhan Flu is driven by women – and by their spineless white knights – who will gladly trade away everyone else’s privacy and liberty for her security.

I got some quite spectacular – if predictably hysterical – pushback whenever I pointed this out in any of the lockdown sceptic forums, but today, the numbers are in.

Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 10.58.54

Which makes a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year all the more interesting. Vincenzo Galasso and colleagues analysed data from a survey carried out in eight OECD countries (including Italy, the U.K. and Australia) in March–April of 2020.

The survey measured respondents’ concern about the pandemic, their attitudes to lockdown measures such as closing schools and ‘non-essential’ businesses, and their self-reported compliance with government restrictions (see here for a full list of measures).

What did the researchers find? Across all eight countries (with the exception of Austria in the second wave), women were more likely than men to be concerned about the pandemic. They were also more likely to support lockdown measures, and reported greater compliance with government restrictions.

Shocked. Shocked and stunned.

To think, some twats gave them the vote, in a vain attempt to get them to shut the fuck up for a bit.

Those men – all dead now – should be dug up and killed again.


Voices of reason…

Evidently I’ve not had much to say recently and so, being as unattuned to the times as I am, I’ve not said much.

Not much is new. Creeping totalitarianism, millions of highly educated imbeciles imposing their imbecility on others with officially sanctioned zeal. A million ‘told you so’s etc.

(Speaking of “I told you so”, tell me… did you write a piece in mid-2019 predicting a mass mandatory vaccination campaign that hinged upon the benefits bestowed not on the vaccinated person but on those with whom they came into contact? Why yes. Yes I did. Thanks for asking.)

Some voices, though, have had things to say, and they’ve been edifying, enlightening, entertaining and something else beginning with E. Echidna, maybe.

The first is Adam Piggott, who’s having something of a blogging renaissance. I don’t much hold with his recent turn towards God, but he’s otherwise thinking very clearly indeed.

In “The Unvaccinated Will Be the New Smokers” we are woken up to the reality that the progress of vaccine propaganda and the treatment of the unvaxxed follows a blueprint that was prototyped, debugged and established over the last 20-30 years on smokers.

Everything They Have Told You Is A Lie” kinda speaks for itself.

Elsewhere, Vox Day is – of course – making more sense than almost anyone else drawing breath.

He highlights that teenaged boys are 6 times more likely to get a heart complaint from the vaccine than they are of being hospitalised from the coof.

He tracks the latest edicts from the US Federal Govt.

And that Amazon Web Services are going to be coming after you if you host a free speech platform on their service, but probably not if you host a Russian bot farm promoting left wing causes on their service.

(Indeed, you should note that Vox’s own long established blog was kicked off Google’s platform, and is now hosted beyond the reach of big tech. Something Adam Piggott did a while back too, and something we should all do before it’s too late.)

And that in most age groups Israelies who are vaxxed are more likely to get the coof than those who are unvaxxed.

Elsewhere, I found this twitter thread from Twatterer Mello.B33 which does a pretty good job of explaining why we are where we are, and lays a few trails towards the people to blame. It’s worth clicking through to see the interspersed memes, which add context and provide quotes from pertinent thinkers, but here’s the gist of the text:

This is essentially a pandemic of the educated and pandemic of the lunatic elites. There are some demented and ideologically driven bad actors but most who support the narrative are useful idiots who are either being driven by money & power or have been brainwashed and are under the spell of mass delusional psychosis.

For what they are doing, meaning committing crimes against humanity, there is simply no coming back from that. They will face either capital punishment under the law or they will perish from the hands of the people whom they wanted to exploit, enslave and destroy. This is the short version. But let’s dig a little deeper.

What we can observe is an utter failure of governing systems in the West and a complete institutional takeover. If this whole thing will implode in time, it will bring down our current world, societal structure and societal order along with it. It absolutely needs to happen.

Government structure, Big Pharma, medical establishment, financial system, mainstream media, bureaucracy, scientific community, education system, big tech giants, large corporations, the way we produce food and run agriculture… everything will need to be broken down, restructured & rebuild. In its current state this is largely one big cartel, a cancer for the planet & society itself. And with its current path, if not opposed, it will lead to enslavement, mass genocide and possibly destruction of our species. This is the true enemy of humanity, freedom and human rights and we have created it by our own hands.

The good news is that the ultimate trojan horse has already been set in motion, either by design or by an accident. There is no going back from the narrative that was set, there is no smoothing things out, if it all ever gets exposed it will create a blowback of epic proportions and wrath of the people will be unimaginable. “We didn’t know” won’t be accepted as a valid excuse either. This is why some of the people who know what they are doing, they are fully aware that this is a one way street for them. It’s either that or the end of everything for them. They will lose wealth, assets, status, reputation & possibly their own lives.

Now, let’s look at educated people whom I mentioned in the first tweet. First thing, we should never confuse the educated with the intellectuals. The truth is, the more educated you are, the more brainwashed and indoctrinated you can become. This is exactly why so many seemingly smart, brilliant & educated people fell for the narrative, got detached from reality and ultimately fell prey to propaganda & now are part of the herd affected by mass delusional psychosis.

An intellectual is someone who uses reason & critical thinking skills to make sense of the world around him and is not afraid of asking questions or making mistakes along the way. Every educated person has a paper to prove it but not every educated person is an intellectual. Formal education is also not a requirement to becoming an intellectual. We all have an ability to teach ourselves, explore the world and make sense of it and use logic and reason and critical thinking skills to navigate it. Of course, we need some basic skills and navigation, but at some point we no longer need guidance.

Classical education system teaches us how to think and organize information. You are not being taught to ask the right questions, be critical and open minded as there is very little leeway and acceptance in this area, which under normal circumstances would lead to developing critical thinking skills. Education system teaches conformity and unquestioned obedience to all the information that is presented to you during your education phase.

The allowance for debate, critique of the ideas is stifled and narrowed down, which only gives people a false impression that asking questions, using logic and critical thinking is allowed or even desired. This kind of mindset is the enemy of progress, learning, exploration and truth.

As for the elites, power tends to corrupt and ultimate power corrupts absolutely.

If you approach a point in your life in which you start thinking that you are better than everyone else, this inevitably becomes a straightforward path to the delusions of grandeur. Not every rich or powerful person or an oligarch falls into this category of course.

Now, the connection between educated and elites / oligarchs is simple. Due to their education, status and simple fact of being human, many can fall prey to brainwashing, start believing falsehoods and ultimately become useful idiots to more charismatic, devious leaders among them, who essentially control them through money, the promise of power & influence or through sheer manipulation. People always think that conspiracies can’t possibly exist, because if there are so many people involved, then for sure someone would spill the beans sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the way our world is structured allows for conspiracies to exist & it is even possible for most of the world working towards certain goal & narrative without being aware of that. You only need a good & believable cover story to achieve that with charismatic & determined people to narrate it. It also helps if you understand human mind which allows you to employ propaganda & manipulation techniques which essentially conditions people & allows the creation of a trap for their minds.

This is how you make people willingly follow your lead towards a certain goal and without them knowing or understanding the true purpose of it and what is really happening around them. Look at the state of our world, useful idiots literally everywhere and they are happy to participate in the scam to their own demise, literally like sheep to the slaughter. Anyone who is paying attention knows that the Western world has been becoming more corrupt, deranged and detached from reality over the years and especially in the last few decades.

This is how ideological subversion, combined with brainwashing, indoctrination and domestication of a modern and westernized culture, looks like. Add to that prosperity and peaceful times where everyone forgets about the past, people let their guard down and you have a perfect recipe for a disaster. This kind of social conditioning has lead the society and people to become weak, brainwashed, prone to propaganda and irrational fears. They are literally unable to defend themselves or come to the sensible conclusion how to even do that.

Here is the truth, the educated and the elites, the ones who support the narrative, have become a burden on the society and they have outlived their purpose and usefulness, not only to society but also to humans as a species. They are no longer public servants or entities working and living their own lives or contributing to the good of the society or at least trying to keep everything undisturbed and in a relative balance. They have their own agenda now & it doesn’t matter if they are simply bad actors themselves or useful idiots that were brainwashed and manipulated by the bad actors.

They are on the path of destruction with the intention of bringing down, not only our society, but also our species to a very dark place. What humanity needs right now is indeed a The Great Reset and people have a very narrow and rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to get rid of cancer that is currently plaguing the world.

I’m not superstitious but this is the fight of good vs evil if I ever have seen one. There are lots of confused and undetermined bystanders (majority of the society) who need to be navigated to what is right by the intellectuals. If the intellectuals fail to do that, the bystanders will just move along and their minds will be taken over, either by force or by propaganda (already happening), which will lead them to their own slow & painful demise.

Understand this, the enemy knows human nature very well. They are also playing a long game here in hopes that no one sees it… but there are ones who do see it very well. This is a very sophisticated and multi layered approach with some things being quite obvious and in the open, other things slightly hidden but still visible while the dark truth is most likely buried deep down inside.

The path to victory is simple, refuse to do what your enemy wants and expects you to do, instead do the only thing that they are truly afraid of.

This is how we can have The Great Reset, but on our own terms.

Via the Lockdown Sceptics subreddit, we learn from an insider how worthless Public Health England’s datasets are; how disparate, unintegrated, confused and error-prone they are, and how the evidence of double counting the jabbed is mounting up.

Given the likelihood that this will be the lastest Covid-realist subreddit to be purged, here preserved is the text in full:

Working in the PHE IT I can confirm that all the data they show you is rubbish. Don’t believe any of it – especially dead counts; # tested; # jabbed; or scariants (all models no data). In Layman’s terms:

1-There are many, many sub-systems and feeders into 2 main track and trace systems and 2 jab analysis systems (soon to be 3). None – None – have common data sets or schemas. This makes data aggregation very difficult (problem 1) if not impossible given the quantity of data.

2-No primary key across data sets (prob 2). This means there is no unique ID which is common. This kills your data. You can’t do relational analysis without a single unique ID.

3-In all systems you the stabbed, or tested are known as: Client, Patient, Subject, or by your NHS no. Problem 3. No data dictionary or consistency.

4-Due to all this, the application code when applying logic and pulling information from the databases pulls in double-triple counted data.

I proved the above to management a few times. Eg. Test Centre A jabbed 50 people in August. Yet another data set shows me total inventory used of 25. When you get into the code you can see how it double counts the data.

Conclusion: The 85% jabbed number would be false. It will be maybe 50%. The systems upon which they fear monger are a fucking joke.

I will repost this over the next few weeks in different ways, given how important a point it is.

Meanwhile TCW is on an absolute ripper about 9/11.

9/11: Warped agenda of the BBC

9/11: Why be so afraid of the M-word?

9/11: Our road to self-destruction

9/11: Twenty years of lies

Finally, if you’re an Audible subscriber, one of Jim Goad’s collections “The Headache Factory” is available for free as an audiobook.


A thousand “I Told You So’s”…

Here’s just one of them.

On 30th March 2020, a week after lockdown had been called, being an awkward man I posed an awkward question.

Might this social distancing have unintended consequences?

If we normally maintain our immunity to general bugs by being regularly exposed to things that keep our immune system strong and up to date with the latest viral and bacteria mutations, will 3-6 months of not being exposed to the general menagerie ultimately be harmful to us, causing knock-on effects when we all try to go back to normal?

Dunno. There’s a probably a graph with a cross-over point, beyond which we’re doing more harm than good, purely in epidemiological terms with this current endeavour.

So imagine my surprise when that question finally gets an answer, 16 months later.

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 10.59.25

Does anyone still doubt that by November, we’ll be locked down again to some extent, and mask mandates will return, once again to absolutely no beneficial effect?


Are you proud, England fans?

I’m no football expert, or even really a fan. I’ve always found the acts of faith and devotion that surround it to be slightly absurd. Fans’ vicarious living through a bunch of (albeit talented) avaricious simpletons. Investing considerable emotional energy and money in things over which they have zero control.

And that’s before we consider the obeisance to the marxist race hustlers, the covid pantomine and the ludicrous shilling for women’s football.

I watched – of all things – a Russell Brand video the other day that made a very powerful case for the transcendant human experience of togetherness that arises from football fandom. A convenient vehicle for something fundamental to a healthy society and (mentally) healthy individuals, partcularly in a time when such communion is no longer sought from (or provided by) religion.

So, having put a tenner on Denmark, to incant the Sod’s Law that always accompanies my sports betting, I settled down to watch last night’s performance.

One of the benefits of watching about one game a year is that I notice the big step changes in a way that perhaps avid fans don’t. Like when someone puts on 3 stone. You never have that “OMFG!!” moment if you see that person every day, but if you haven’t seen them for a year, they’re almost unrecognisable.

There’s no doubt that all of the guys on the field are fit, focused and talented people – perhaps moreso than ever before. Fair play to them. But as the game progressed, it became clear that it’s been so corporatised that I found it unrecognisable and repulsive.

By ‘corporatised’ I mean that systems thinking, cynical hair-splitting readings of rules, obsessive maximisation of every possible advantage has lead to something soulless and lacking in authenticity. The way England’s tactics increasingly turned towards trying to trap Denmark into commmiting a foul or outright pretending that they had, preferably in the penalty area, seemed dishonourable to me. But when so much money is at stake in the game as a whole, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Honour, decency, dignity and honesty are all faintly embarassing baggage when there are oligarchs who need a new superyacht.

Newspapers in Denmark and Italy this morning made digs at the England team for diving. I found this particularly funny coming from the Italians who, by my recollection, were entirely responsible for bringing pantomime and hysterical fake injuries to the game in the 90s. Nevertheless, it accorded entirely with my experience of watching the game.

And don’t you feel like the English are slightly overreacting to this only-just victory over Denmark? This isn’t the world cup. It’s European. It was only the semi-final. Until they’re holding the trophy on Sunday, they’ve won nothing. They still have to overcome the absolute kings of this cynical way of playing the game.

And then comes the news that while England were taking their ill-earned penalty, someone shone a laser pointer in the Danish keeper’s eyes. UEFA are acting against England for that.

Still so proud of ‘our’ brilliant performance that proves what a class act England are now?

As of today, there is a significant chance that Monday morning’s media will be awash with pictures of sunburnt fatties around the country crying into their takeaway cartons.

I won’t be amongst them.

But if we do win? Oh it’ll be just unbearable. I’m more than fine with the man in the street beaming contentedly, claiming his vicarious victory and attaching a flag to his car. Why not? But I cannot bear the guaranteed prospect of all those dreary, scheming politicians and celebs preening and basking in the reflected glory.

By the way, am I the only one who suspects that Southgate was given instructions from Downing Street not to embarass Scotland, given that we could live without the points from that match?

Perhaps the moment of the evening for me was the commentator after the final whistle who went completely off script, encouraging fans to celebrate in total disregard for the prevailing covid restrictions, and then adding – presumably after a producer called Karen had squawked in his ear – “of course you must remember to adhere to the restrictions.”

I laughed.



This morning, my absurdity meter was showing as depleted, so I needed a quick boost. The TellyGiraffe provided it in spades.

Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 12.57.32

I’ll begin at the beginning. The time to stop living in fear of Covid was sometime last April, about the time Boris had had his 3 weeks to squash the sombrero (of which we are now into week 70-something). About the time we realised that the goalposts were being moved daily, the statistics measured differently each time the wind changed, masks not recommended, then recommended, supplies of toilet roll been normalised etc.

Admittedly, the time to resume living in fear came around the time that the ‘vaccines’ started to be coercively foisted upon us all, including those of us who remember some of the previous deadly errors by government, the NHS and the pharma companies, and involving co-opting public opinion against anyone with reservations about being injected with a novel, experimental drug that has undergone nothing close to the normal extent of trials and testing. But that’s a different topic.

Admittedly also, as I recorded at the time, while fears about Covid should on any rational reading have been minimal by this time last year, fears about falling into the clutches of the monstrous NHS were – and still are – very valid. It is a truly awful, inhuman and evil entity, from the GP’s reception, all the way through to its intensive care facilities. That it is outperformed on all major indicators by the healthcare system of a 3rd-world communist kleptocracy like Italy speaks volumes.

I can quite imagine the fear in the hearts of people who face having to resume doing a horrible job for their living, rather than getting magic furlough money, and of those who worked at home for a year and face a return to an awful commute, to an awful place filled with awful people.

But Michael Deacon doesn’t mean any of those things, does he? He means the one fear that was never legitimate after the first useful information emerged. The one that has been stoked by every traditional media outlet, perpetuated by the one-sided information available on social & new media, amped up liked a Spinal Tap Stratocaster.

The one fear that has revealed an enormous majority of the public to be bidable loathsome imbeciles, collaborators and snitches.

Which brings me to the second part of the headline: a duty to get out and spend.

Now, I’ve long since recovered from the folly of youth, and I live within my means without ever going into debt for any reason. Nevertheless, I’ve spent a small fortune in the last year. I bought a house, fixed it up, moved into it and my ongoing battles with entropy ensure that I’m never short of jobs to do, requiring tools, materials and parts, labour and expertise.

I don’t mind saying that I’ve spent most of that fortune (after buying the house) with Amazon. Not because I think Amazon are amazing, but because they have been the one supplier who has never played the ‘due to covid’ card on me. I’ve not had a delivery delayed. I’ve not had a gibbon or a Karen tell me to put a mask on or demand I rub some mystery sludge on my hands before I am granted the privilege of spending money with their business.

‘Oh’ they moan, Amazon are just a China shill and everything you buy from there is poorly made rubbish. Have you been in your local hardware store, or in a B&HomeWickes, a Currys or Argos or whatever recently? It’s precisely the same Chinese tat as on Amazon, just marked up by 30% and wrapped in a pretty bow.

Because thanks to the idiots we think of as ‘in charge’, the the western world ran its consumer ecomomy off a cliff last March, and the only suppliers left standing are in the Orient. And that is not because I bought my powertools from Amazon (Makita, since you ask) rather than B&Q who offer nothing of comparable quality. It’s because China has pulled a massive long con on the weak, foolish, cowardly, self-indulgent western leaders. They deserve some level of congratulations for this, and a couple of gigatonnes of warheads shortly afterwards.

Does Michael Deacon, or anyone in the media or government, seriously expect us to go and spend with gusto in the sorts of business who for the last year have treated us as if we should be thanking them for letting us into their ghastly shops?

Do they imagine that our favourite restaurants are just all going to fling open their doors and carry on as if nothing has happened? Or that somehow we will ignore that they’ve had to double their prices and halve their portions in order to balance their books?

Do they imagine that we are going to want to spend any time at all in environments where people are still cowering behind face nappies and scowling at anyone who doesn’t, even after the government drops the ‘requirement’?

Do they imagine that we are going to want to fly abroad, with the cost of (fake) tests galore, even after a full compliment of ‘vaccines’, risking having to quarantine or isolate on return?

Is it possible that some of the people who got a nasty financial shock last year are more focused on putting themselves on a firmer financial footing than they were before? That is surely a duty that we all hold to ourselves and anyone who depends on us. Is that recognisable duty to have sound household finances at odds with the ‘duty’ to spend, spend, spend? I rather think it is.

I’m not sure I recognise any other duties. Not to society (what society??), not to the government and certainly not to any retailer you care to name. Not to God (doesn’t exist/is a total dick – delete as applicable) or country (missing presumed dead/overrun with orcs and zombies – ditto). Not to the planet (big enough to look after itself) or to the animals (delicious but smelly), or to the human race (fuck it, peel it, salt it, burn it).

Not least because duties (if we must use that word rather than ‘responsibilities’) once correlated with rights – they were part of a package. But we have seen how easily our rights can be swept away under the flimsiest of pretexts. If you’re telling me I can’t visit my mother, I can’t be at my dying brother’s bedside, I can’t go to my grandfather’s funeral, and even if I can, I cannot comfort my family; If you’re telling me that I need a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave my house and walk up the street, or that without a ‘vaccine’ I cannot leave the country; If you’re telling me I have no right to privacy or dignity or to travel without participating in medical experiments, then I have no rights whatsoever and I therefore assume no responsibilities (or even ‘duties’) to anyone but myself.

But I do understand if you think that the economy, and society and all that shit need to be saved, because you want a decent world for your children to grow up in. I just don’t care any more. I cared for years, while politicians only cared about promising free stuff to morons in exchange for their votes. Which was always going to end well, wasn’t it?

I’m sorry, parents of young children. The world you thought you were bringing new life into is gone. Your offspring are destined to be cookie-cutter drones, zombies or slaves, whether you intended that or not.


Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe…

You thought the mentalists would leave you something at least, didn’t you?

They wouldn’t ever make it to the unpopulated outcrop of rock on which your own personal preferences were stored.

I’ve been staring into the maw of the ravenous monster for more than 10 years, but even I didn’t see this coming.

Following an underwhelming glass of curdled nectar, I conducted an idle web search, using the following terms:

  • Has Mount Gay rum changed?
  • Has Jura whisky changed?

Two of the drinks I count used to count as rare treats have been vandalised by the scum of the earth. Let’s go over to Dan Crispbutty for the details.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 21.59.38

What? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…….

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 22.02.10

Fuuuuuuu….. what could be behind this? I bet you’re way ahead of me:

Trudiann Branker, Mount Gay master blender, said: “It is an honour to be at the forefront of the exciting changes that Mount Gay will see in 2020, and I’m proud not only to be the first female master blender in Barbados but to be part of the team that will take Mount Gay from strength to strength

Well… who could have seen that coming? Goodbye, Mount Gay… it was fun for a while. Ironically, I was first introduced to Mount Gay by a once notoroious mad black woman of Twitter.

Jura’s new range will be rolled out globally in an effort to ‘appeal to new drinkers’, in what’s being called ‘a new dawn’ for the distillery.

Graham Logan, Jura distillery manager, said: ‘This marks a hugely significant step for Jura.  A new house style of whisky is not for the faint hearted but it tells you where we are now and how committed we are to Jura, the community and our whiskies for the long term.

If you’re wondering if Graham Logan is a cuck, you need wonder not a moment longer.

Kirsteen Beeston, global head of brand for Jura, said: ‘Jura is on the brink of something quite remarkable… The new style of whisky was the first step on this journey and one which we feel is a huge step forward in terms of flavour and product consistency. There is so much richness with Jura and we now confidently feel we have landed on a proposition with real consumer resonance and a range of whiskies with strong appeal.’

Oh dear. A pattern is forming.

Today owned by Whyte & Mackay, which also owns DalmoreTamnavulin  and Fettercairn distilleries, Jura will introduce the lightly peated flavour across the entirety of its core range.

Bitch, if I wanted peaty, I’d have bought a peaty whiskey. Talisker, Lagavulin or whatever. But I didn’t. Because I don’t fucking like peaty and that is exactly why I used to buy Jura, you fucking vandal cunt.


One more for luck.

Absolut Vodka is still a unique character, in both design and taste. Still ridiculously curious about creativity, collaborations and art. And still the key player for the perfect mix in any social occasion. And since all vodka from Absolut is produced in Southern Sweden, our superb vodka tasted exactly the same then as it does now. Nothing has changed.

I don’t believe them. I drank an ice cold glass of neat Absolut blue the other day, and frankly, it could have been a tumbler of frozen bath water.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 22.12.07

Oh dear fucking CHRIST.

Its easy to laugh and keep walking when The Great One asserts that women never create, they only consume and destroy but this, I’m afraid, proves that he is absolutely 100% correct.

Just fuck all the way off. The most evil trick the progressives pulled was connoting the term ‘progress’ with ‘improvement’ whereas it almost never is.

Unrelated: Have you noticed that whisky, rum and vodka (mens’ drinks) all needed to be changed, but gin (a woman’s drink) has stayed exactly as awful and flowery and dull as it has always been?


I’m shocked. Are you shocked?

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 18.42.25

You are shocked, aren’t you. I can tell. Because literally no-one over the last year has pointed out how the government and their advisogoblins have strung us all along at every step and show no signs of stopping now.

I have to admit, I was predicting further lockdowns from October through to next spring. I really didn’t expect them to try it on so soon.

Lockdowns are with us forever, under any pretence the gubmint cares to invoke. And evidently 95% of people will go along with it. Fuck those people.

I’m also shocked – I bet you are too – to learn of a study showing that 57% of the people admitted to hospital with covid-related illness had been vaccinated at least with one jab.


Finally, you’ll be as taken aback as me that Simon Schama has written a piece calling objections to the vaccine anti-semitic because something something gefilte fish mazel tov.

Wait for the inevitable argument that “blacks and asians in this country have far lower rates of vaccination because they – with some historical justification – distrust the government and the doctors. Therefore as a white, it’s your duty to be vaccinated in order to hit the numbers for herd immunity, thus helping to protect unvaccinated minorities. It’s be racist to do otherwise.”

Just watch.


A National Day of Reflection

I’ve not been reading the news or Twitter or any of that shit, so it came as a surprise to me to get an email at work telling me we’re having a National Day of Reflection to mark one year since the first covid lockdown.

So reflect I shall.

I shall reflect on a year that has been spent saving the NHS, so that fat nurses in empty hospitals can film themselves dancing like animated farm animals and post it on the internet. I shall reflect on the millions who have had life-saving NHS treatments cancelled or indefinitely postponed and I reflect on their abject despair, fear and bewilderment at a nasty cold being deemed more serious than their cancer.

I’ll reflect on the elderly who have died alone in care homes, denied the comfort of their family being at their sides. And on the covid carriers who were sent to the ill-prepared care homes by the NHS.

On the funerals whose normal progress has been curtailed and interrupted by novel protocols as an etiquette built over hundreds of years was cast aside in favour of a blank slate which, like any unoccupied ground, is prone to ugly, spiky weeds who will raise a bony finger and say “Actually, due to covid, you cannot be allowed to do that.”

On the sweeping totalitarian powers granted to the state, by itself, to newly determine where you can go, what you can do, which members of your own family you can sit in a room with. To override each adult’s own perception and determination of risk and their appetite or otherwise to take the risk on.

On the power to disregard all if this your cause happens to be trees or black people.

On the unprecedented campaign of psychological warfare that has been waged by the state on the people. On the compliant media who are now de facto state owned as the private sector slashed its advertising spend and the government has stepped in with a huge budget for ‘public service messages’. On the fear-mongering advertising campaigns. Look her in the eye. But not if she’s a 20-something woman with blue hair,  because that’s probably creepy and you’ll end up in the stocks. I digress.

On the supression of information about promising and inexpensive treatments and preventions. On the conflicts of interest, such as Patrick Vallance’s propects of personal gain from uptake of vaccines.

On the economic tsunami that is still over the horizon, but is inexorably heading for the shore.

On the official narrative that has twisted and turned as if no-one remembers that what was said last week is in complete contradiction to today’s absolute and irrevocable proclamations.

On the hundreds of billions of pounds that have been magicked out of thin air, thrown around like confetti, and quietly added to your tab. Even if you didn’t get any of the magic money.

On the economic and political power that has been ripped away from the common man, the small business and the local area, and taken into the hands of oligarchs and ‘public health experts’.

On the fact that the ‘vaccine’ ‘miracle’ that we’ve seen over the last year can absolutely only mean either that these vaccines have not been properly tested, trialled, scrutinised and regulated OR that for years people have suffered while waiting for new treatments to be approved when there was clearly no need for every innovation to spend 5 years in regulatory hell.

On the notion the Marie Curie Society – “Care and Support Through Terminal Illness” – which has organised this epic trolling event is either rubbing its hands together with glee at all the terminal illness customers it now has in its pipeline OR has manifestly failed to hold the government to account for all of the non-covid terminal illnesses it has caused this year. That this is another cynical PR exercise to paper over all that unpleasant failure and remind us all that they are angels who need our money to continue their ‘good works’.

On the revelation that if the ‘stiff upper lip’ ever was a thing, it certainly isn’t now. Wearing a mask in the street, in the field, on the moors. Wearing two masks, three masks, four masks, more. On the emergent instinct that it’s more dangerous to pass another person on the pavement than to jump into the road to avoid them.

On the division, distrust and contempt that has been sown throughout families and society; all at best a byproduct and at worst as the intended outcome of all the gaslighting that has gone on.

On the prescience and now redundancy of a hundred dystopian novels.

On the fact that the whole country has been shutdown and locked up to protect fat people and those whose time is up anyway.

On the start of all this, one year ago, when Boris Johnson appeared on the telly and said “Three weeks to squash the sombrero, eh chaps? It’ll be a jolly jape, so lets all just build a blanket fort and hunker down, then at the end nanny will serve jelly and ice cream for tea.” Meanwhile he was pushing emergency legislation through parliament that gave him and his shaved chimps total carte blanche to enact any and every hare-brained scheme from every inferior egotistical non-entity with the balls to step up.

On the final and irrevocable proof that most people are fucking stupid and/or fucking evil, and we are living in a Retarded Dystopia.

But I’ll leave you with one final and uplifting reflection: In 2012, we all laughed and pointed and shrieked when Diane Abbott tweeted “White people love playing divide and rule”. We’re not laughing now, are we?


Or, to put it another way:

Boris, the media and the idiot public made a fool of Captain Tom Moore

I’m sure that Tom Moore had no idea what was coming next when he decided to raise a couple of hundred quid for his local hospital to thank them for looking after him.

He would have had no idea that he would become the zeitgeist. No-one ever does, unless they’re a fame whore.

So he ended up emptying the nation’s pockets of more than 20 million quid that was then given to the NHS so they could buy new iPads for their executive leadership teams.

The NHS is the 5th largest employer in the world. The budget for NHS England – just England – in 20/21 is more than £200BILLION. The whole UK treasury tax take in 2019 was £634BILLION. Money taken out of your paypacket on pain of imprisonment. The NHS in England has eaten a third of the whole UK budget for the year.

And still people are having their routine care cancelled. You can’t see a GP, you can’t get a dentist/hygenist appointment, you can’t get your suspicous lump diagnosed, you can’t get your cancer treated, your heart disease identified or your stroke prevented. Meanwhile the internet is wall-to-wall fat nurses doing TikTok dancing.

Thursday nights saw millions of brain donors on their doorsteps banging pots and pans to thank the NHS for all this benificence. And so the media mobilised Tom Moore to shakedown the British public for another £20million to pour into the bottomless pit.

Did you give any money to this absurd campaign? You’re a dickhead. Look at your last P60. A third of that money you paid in tax? That’s what you already gave to the NHS last year.

Clap for the NHS, donate to the NHS. Mobilise the WW2 veteran to give £20M of extra free money to the monster. Fuck off.

Perhaps if the money he had raised went to people who lost a relative in one of the care homes that was infested with Covid thanks to the NHS. Or people who have terminal cancer which could have been treated if it had been caught in 2020. Or people who couldn’t be at their loved one’s side as they died, or couldn’t give them the funeral that would have honoured their lives.  Or people who lost their jobs and businesses, yet still had to find a grand down the back of the sofa to buy each of their kids a laptop for home-schooling because teachers were afraid of missing an opportunity to sit on their sofas watching Quincy.

And now, honorary Captain Tom has sadlidied at the tender age of 100.

He went into an NHS hospital. He contracted covid in the NHS hospital. He died in the NHS hospital with the covid he caught in the NHS hospital.

No doubt, if it weren’t for covid, he’d have lived to a ripe old age, instead of being cut down in his prime like that.

I bear no ill will to the old fella himself, but the monster that his little fund-raiser became and the current mawkish circus around his death makes me hate the government, the NHS, the media, social media and the British public that little bit more than I already did.

So if you come within a mile of me and start crapping on about Tom being a hero or clapping for ‘our NHS’ or blaming ‘covidiots’ for his death, I’m going to run you down in my car, and then I’m going to reverse over you to make sure the job is done.

Bring on the meteor strike.


Britain, you deserve this. Good and hard.

I always had a bit of a misanthropic streak, I’ll admit.

But for a long time it was sublimated by a desire to see the best in people, despite all evidence to the contrary. After all, one has to ‘get along’ in the workplace, in social settings and in relationships, which is difficult if every encounter assumes you’re dealing with a total fucking moron or a malignant sociopath.

But now that we have no society and the likelihood of going into the office ever again has fallen by the wayside, there’s really no reason to play along anymore, is there?

There is no relationship at all between observable reality and the Cathedral‘s self-serving version of ‘the truth’. You know it, I know it. We all know it. But there’s a dancing nurse on TikTok, the premiership transfer window is just about to close and the dog’s been sick on the baby again, so this will have to wait.

Even supposedly intelligent people have their own preoccupations, so are easily bamboozled by the blizzard of stats, models, announcements, rules, changes of rules, IT failures and opinions dressed up as fact.

And thus people pop on their blinkers and choose to believe that the government has it all under control, and they just need to do their bit and wear a mask. Our is not to reason why etc.

They ignore that when government takes away liberties, they never ever give them back. They ignore that the government is known to use behavioural psychology (‘nudge’) on us to manipulate us into thinking that what is is their best interests is also in our own best interests. They ignore that politicians’ only fundamental concern is power.

It doesn’t matter if the robocop police batter peaceful protestors or break up a 10 year old’s birthday party, or arrest a pregnant woman in front of her children and drag her off in handcuffs. It doesn’t matter if suspicion, mistrust and a culture of snitching is foisted onto a ‘society’ that is more and more fragmented every day even without this.

It doesn’t matter if muzzles do more harm than good in a non-surgical setting. It doesn’t matter if righteous citizens physically assault those who don’t wear a muzzle.  It doesn’t matter if people are unable to get routine dental care and health check-ups. It doesn’t matter if cancers go undiagnosed. It doesn’t matter if people who were already in an NHS queue have their treatments further delayed. It doesn’t matter if some of those people die. It doesn’t matter if suicide rates go through the roof.

It doesn’t matter if hard-working people are taxed to death to pay for all the handouts. It doesn’t matter if a lot of those handouts are going to the unscrupulous and the fraudulent. It doesn’t matter if large parts of the economy are destroyed forever. It doesn’t matter if an economic collapse leads to a financial collapse, taking millions of pensions with it.

It doesn’t matter if thousands died in care homes because the NHS discharged covid patients into care homes in its own narrow interests. It doesn’t matter if the dying are prevented from seeing their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if Christenings, weddings and funerals as we knew them are practically impossible. It doesn’t matter if children are treated in dehumanising ways. It doesn’t matter if students are forced to borrow tens of thousands of pounds for education they’re not getting and accomodation they’re being barracaded into, to prepare them for jobs that will never exist.

It doesn’t matter if the government forces you and your children to have a hastily brewed vaccination that’s at best useless and at worst deadly. It doesn’t matter if you remember Factor 8 and Thalidomide.

I could go on, but none of it matters.

If there was more than a handful of malcontents who were prepared to say “no, I’m not fucking playing this game” then we might have a shot at putting an end to all this malevolence.

But there aren’t, so we don’t.

“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”― Ayn Rand

As a nation we will face the consequences. All of us. People will blame the politicians. But who keeps voting for them? People will blame the media. But who keeps paying to watch and read them? Who keeps buying the things their advertisers sell?

The only power any of us has is to refuse to the extent that it is legal.

You needn’t wear a muzzle – the exemptions are wide open and legal. But you still do, don’t you?

You needn’t pay money that funds the BBC, the Times, the Telegraph, the Spectator, the Daily Mail etc. But you still do, don’t you?

You needn’t spend money in establishments that are taking an unreasonable approach to all this. But you still do, don’t you?

You needn’t accomodate people in your life who have swallowed the official story hook line and sinker. But you still do, don’t you?

You needn’t vote for any of these political parties. But you still do, don’t you?

Even the sceptic community is a waste of time. Wall-to-wall pedants, pettifoggers and tinfoil hats, who continuously lose sight of the core issue and the root cause.

Humanity deserves no better than this. Therefore I’m out.


BTCC Silverstone – Part 2

Well, I have to confess that I was a little harsh on the ITV team and particularly on Paul O’Neill. Despite all previous signs to the contrary (the weekend when the W-Series was a support race for the BTCC being exhibit A), they did not make a meal out of Jade Edwards being behind the wheel of a car.

All told, she did okay for a first time out, and fair play to her for that. I’ll come back to this matter though, momentarily.

Rory Butcher’s crash in race 3 was a monster. Utterly heart-stopping. Thankfully he walked away, and with any luck tests will reveal no long-term damage to him.

I was gutted for Tom Ingram. After winning race 1, he picked up a puncture in race 2 and was punted off early in race 3 (I still haven’t figured out who punted him off, the only thing I can be sure of is it wasn’t Andy Neate. Looking at the DNFs who didn’t complete a lap, my money is on Crees). I’ll have another look when the footage gets uploaded to YouTube (there’s a Russian guy who posts all 3 races up, usually on a Monday, giving you a few hours to download them before YouTube catches up and removes them).

I really want Ingram to be in the title running come the last meeting of the season.

I’ve decided, for no rational reason whatsoever, that I don’t like Dan Cammish. No idea why. I was gutted for him when the title slipped from his grasp at Brands Hatch in the last meeting of 2019, but I’m afraid when he’s put alongside cheeky chappy Tom Ingram, and class 1 scrapper Ash Sutton, he’s not getting a look in from me. I’m not a massive fan of the idea of Turkington winning it again, either, but that’s just because want to see a bit of change.

That said, I’m very disappointed with what Alan Gow has done to the RWD cars with the boost limit. RWD cars are a mixed blessing. All things being equal, they are quicker off the line than FWD cars – that’s just physics – but they are much more challenging to drive and to get the best out of than FWD.

FWD was always about packaging and manufacture for consumer vehicles. It was never about going fast, having good balance of weight across axles and giving control to the driver. Put simply, FWD is for women. RWD just better. It takes understanding, technique and bravery to get the best out of. It’s for men.

The problem is that while RWD has an advantage in getting the power down, they are a handful: a little too much welly coming out of a turn, or putting a wheel on the grass, and the car will turn round on you… the only way you can combat that is to come off the power (and a dab of oppo, obvs), whereas in an FWD, the answer to the rear stepping out is to bury the throttle and – ping, easy – car straightens up, and the worst that happens is you understeer wide. So Gow has taken away one advantage the RWD has naturally, while leaving the FWD cars with their advantage. It’s creating a totally false level of competition.

There were plenty of successful FWD cars (e.g Cammish’s Honda, Ingram’s Toyota, Butcher’s Ford) that did well last season without this meddling, and I hope Gow and his team think again before next season because – and this is the problem with all kinds of market rigging such as affirmative action – whoever wins the season in an FWD car will forever live with the knowledge that he had an artificial leg up over the likes of Turkington and Sutton. And we’ll all know it too.

Now, we come back to the hot topic du jour – Andy Neate and Jade Edwards.

Andy Neate is a fucking hazard. His track record is appalling. He should not be in the series. It baffles me how he even has an MSA licence to compete at this level.

However, if he’d come together with Carl Boardley or Sam Osborne in all three races, no-one would be discussing it at all. There’d be no hue and cry on Twitter, just a smattering of piss-taking from the hardcore.

But there is a hue and cry on Twitter. Because Andy Neate bullied up a girl. Yes, really.

This is the fundamental problem with women coming into male spaces. It only takes one or two women to completely change the dynamic. In the current madness, we’re not getting an insight into what happens in the pit-lane but do you doubt that after race 1, Edwards was sat in her motorhome ‘literally shaking’ while her race engineer had to be restrained from going and battering Andy Neate?

Some (most) men are inclined to defend the damsel’s honour, irrespective of the fact that she’s entered into the fray based on an assertion of equality. They have the same right to compete as the men blah blah blah. But men do naturally have an instinct to protect and avenge those women they care about, doubly so if they have responsibility for that woman’s wellbeing (or wish to be considered for the position). This instinct is trampled upon by the equality scam – as if it can just be dismissed from our evolutionary package.

So in the women come – as ostensibly equal competitors – and immediately they are treated differently by men who think they will curry favour for this behaviour. The phenomenon is well documented in the manosphere.

I do think Neate should be kicked out of the BTCC as a culmination of his behaviour at Thruxton and Silverstone (particularly race 3), but it doesn’t matter that yesterday’s fun and games was with Edwards. I’d be of the same view whoever he’d fucked over yesterday.

A big part of racing as a novice is not just getting to the front and staying there, it’s identifying and avoiding those you’re sharing the track with who are going to be a problem because they’re useless or reckless or revenge-driven or just in a difficult car to drive. Sometimes it’s just better to let the idiot past, because within a couple of laps, he’ll have put it in the barrier and you can breeze right past.

If Jade Edwards has learned a lesson in that respect, the day won’t have been wasted for her. She acquitted herself better than Davros ever has.

Sadly, so long as women are crowbarred into male-centric environments, the problems will not go away. But if Jade Edwards gets a full time drive next year, I won’t mind so long as it means Esmee Hawkey doesn’t get a drive. She can stick to making YouTube videos about makeovers and yoga.


BTCC Silverstone – Part 1

Everyone rejoice. REJOICE! For there is a vagina-haver on the grid.

Jade Edwards is having a drive of a BTCC car, everyone!

You’ll know when she’s being interviewed, because as well as being on the only driver with long blond hair, she has ‘JADE’ in big print across the front of her face-mask, lest we think that is Jason Plato behind the mask.

She’s been involved in motor-racing since she was 10 years old. Her dad was in Touring Cars when Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang was in it. Her last season in Clio Cup has been charitably described as everything from ‘solid but not spectacular’ to ‘unfortunate’.

And she’s had a stellar entry into the BTCC championship. She’s qualified… in last place, behind the pay-to-play cerebral palsy rolling-roadblock Nicholas Hamilton.

Look, I don’t care.. let her drive, let’s see what she can do. I wish her all the best and I hope no harm comes to her or anyone else.

BUT I do expect today’s commentary to be wall-to-wall simping, excuses making, ‘isn’t it marvellous’, ‘we do need to work to get a more diverse range of competitors’ and all the associated horseshit. None of these specious propositions will be confronted by the key question: WHY? Why do we need more diversity, inclusion, darkies, minge-owners, cripples, and the generally unsuited to this elite sport?

Lest we forget, she was considered by ‘her team’ not to be suitable to have her first outing at Thruxton, which is a difficult, balls-out circuit. No, they saved her debut until Silverstone National, which has…. 3 corners, one of which you don’t normally even brake for.

Good luck, Jade.

But, to Paul O’Neill and anyone else who craps on about how marvellous it is, die in a bin-fire.


UPDATE: Well, fair’s fair. She made it to the end of the race and finished ahead of Davros ‘Cookie Monster’ Hamilton. At one point she was in 19th place, having overtaken several cars, and then along came Andy Neate and punted her off the track… but she saved it and carried on, able to get to the end. Fair play.

I reckon Neate should be sitting out this meeting after he had accidents and incidents in all 3 rounds at Thruxton last weekend. Also, it’s time for Michael Crees to do the decent thing and declare ‘well, I gave it a go, but this clearly is not for me. Sorry for fucking up everyone else’s day all season long’.

Recruitment OSINT…

I don’t recruit people very often, but it’s a disspriting experience every single time.

On and off I’ve wondered if those who are regularly burdened with the task actually keep a little list.

If I had to do it regularly, I would keep one. It would include things such as a cross-reference of the complete list of SJWs, and I’d probably employ a firm that scrapes social media, looking for anyone with a tendency towards thinking the world owes them a single damned thing. BLM hashtags? Nope. Extinction Rebellion instagram likes? Next. Retweeting Antifa? I’m sorry, that position is no longer open. Living wage? Die. UBI? In a fire. You have pronouns? In the sea.

But also included would be timelines of more generic events that would necessarily colour my perception of applicants from an affected cohort.

Current example: the class of 2020. All of these kids got exam results without actually sitting any exams. This will not be a revelation to anyone who keeps up with the news (i.e. not me anymore). The implications are stark though.

We’re told that following a government U-turn on the way in which estimated grades were formalised into actual qualifications, entrants will be awarded whichever is the higher grade from (a) their teachers’ estimate or (b) the government computer’s calculation.


The government’s computer, earlier today, running ABACUS.EXE.

We also know that teachers are of random quality, averaging towards the turnip end of the spectrum.

So the best case scenario is that the class of 2020 got its qualifications graded more or less at random.

More likely, however, is that both the teachers and the computer marked minority and female candidates favourably, while doing the opposite to white working class boys.

We may well find that there are certain social groups who’ve done markedly better this year than ever before.

And that means every potential hire who slaps a CV on your desk with the date 2020 against one of their claimed qualifications needs to be viewed with deep suspicion. Doubly so if their name isn’t one you’d ever heard of 20 years ago.

Of course this is all fresh in our minds right now, but if you’re recruiting in 15 years time, will it click that 15 years earliler, your applicant got xir qualifications out of a tombola?

No, it probably won’t and that’s why we should all keep a little list. More CV’s in the bin, more wasted time averted.

Sorry, class of 2020, but you just got an early and thorough lesson in how everything the government ever does will end up fucking you over Now, do any of them even have the faculty of independent thought to learn the lesson, absorb it, ponder its implications and act accordingly? I seriously doubt it.



It used to stand for British Touring Car Championship. But what does it stand for now?

British Touring Covid Cockwombles?

British Twat Chops Championship?

Britain’s Terrified of Catching Cold?

Fucking COVID. Fucking cowardly fannies that have totally taken over our society, our government and our media.

Oh sure, the racing was still good today, but everything surrounding it? Terrible. Repulsive. No atmosphere, no crowd, no pit walk, no celebrating the win, wall to wall mask cunts, unintelligible interviews conducted remotely, like defusing a bomb with a robot from a control centre in Swindon.


Do you know what I see when you broadcast an image of a man wearing a mask?

They may be showing this:


But I see this:

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 13.46.05


And just how is this going to be sustainable, without the hundreds of thousands of pounds of gate receipts, hospitality, merchandise and victual sales that the venues depend on, but aren’t getting a penny of? It’s possible the sport will never recover from this, even if we go back to the old actual normal by next spring. Which we won’t. The masks are going nowhere, and we will be expected to be grovellingly greatful for every concession that is made towards a simulacrum of actual normality.

The next person that utters the words ‘new normal’ is going to get a fucking pipe wrench in the face.

Yes I had a ticket for Donington, yes I was still optimistic I’d be spending the day trackside. Until the whole thing was kiboshed by the fucking government on Wednesday… 3 days before the event. Because spoiled middle-class women and super-annuated wealth sponge boomers are terrified of catching a cold, and Boris (PTSD Be Upon Him) is desparate to maintain the illusion that he has things under control and hasn’t committed the whole country to a penurious future merely due to arrogance, ineptitude and indifference.

And what’s left but to watch it on the TV, technically obliging me to put £150 in the pocket of those sanctimonious 5th columnist diversity cunts at the BBC?

Fucking come at me, TV licensing nonces.

Note, by the way that former champions – stalwarts of the BTCC – were not present on the grid today. Because of the effect COVID has had on the viability of the sport, neither Jason Plato nor Andrew Jordan is racing this year. But Nick Fucking Hamilton is racing, isn’t he? The rolling road-block… the black Frank Spencer… oooh Betty… first two races, into the gravel trap twice. Twice causing a yellow flag, prolonged by the fact that the crippled twat can’t get out of the car and out of danger – even when it’s on fire.

Do you remember F1 driver Pastor Maldonado? Do you remember how everyone pulled their punches and dodged criticising him for how shit and dangerous he was? No, you don’t do you, because it didn’t happen. Critics were unrelentingly brutal. But not with Nick Hamilton.

No-one is saying shit. He’s a danger to himself and others, and he is the cause of some kind of incident practically every fucking race. But no-one will point this out because of who and what he is. The half black, half crippled, half brother of Lewis Fucking Hamilton. Paying to play, with change found down the back of Lewis’s couch.

Here are his results from last season: He ran 24 races, qualifying 25th on average. His best finish was an 18th place but more normally, if he finished at all, it was right at the back of the field. Remarkably, he only DNF’d 5 times last year.

But here he is again in 2020, like a dalek on a staircase. He didn’t even manage to register a qualifying time this weekend at Donington. And yet it’s not viable for Plato or Jordan to be on the grid.

Well look, Nick Hamilton. I’m very sorry that life dealt you a shitty hand with that disability. It’s very good of your lucky and talented brother to bankroll your hobby, but it’s not going to work. The race track is no place for you, and you need to get off the circuit and out of the car before you kill someone.


It ain’t over ’til the fat abdullah sings

Remember Shamina Begum?

Remember her having her British citizenship revoked?

Remember stupid right-wingers doing the victory dance like a teenage virgin spaffing his load when his first girlfriend accidentally brushes her tit against his arm – which is to say grossly prematurely?

I wrote:

On the face of it, this is what I thought should happen. And people across the land will be raising a glass tonight to this decision. But lets just keep our trousers on for a moment here. She has a right of appeal. Even if she doesn’t get legal aid out of our pockets, you can bet the lefty wingnuts and the ummah will crowdfund the best legal representation.

So expect someone like Cherie Blair or Michael Mansfield to step up to the plate on her behalf. This will run and run and end up at a court that finds in her favour and against the government.

So I was ready and waiting to hear this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 10.27.20

The UK Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Shamina Begum, 20, who joined ISIS at age 15 can return to the UK to appeal her revoked British citizenship before the Special Immigrant Appeals Commission (SIAC).

The Secretary of State denied Begum’s leave to enter the UK to pursue her appeal before SIAC in June 2019. Begum then appealed the denial to SIAC, which was upheld. The UK Court of Appeals reversed and held that, to have a “fair and effective appeal,” Begum may return from Syria “albeit subject to such controls that the Secretary of State deems appropriate.”

And so the stage is set for the English judiciary to drop its trousers and allow Begum to return to Britain. Not – you’ll note – return home. Return to Britain. This is not her home. She has no natural right to be here, and any right by birth is certainly forfeit after she went and did the ISIS thing. But I digress.

Once she wins her judicial review, the gates will be open for hundreds of other ISIS fighters who were stripped of their UK citizenship to also return.

And the circle will be complete.

I may turn out to be wrong, I’ll be happy to be wrong. But I’ve not been wrong so far have I?

I voiced the same ‘woah, this isn’t a done deal’ concerns when Boris won the last election, and I was right about that too, wasn’t I? He’s been a spino-gelatinous disaster of virtue signalling, bed-wetting tyranny and doing ludicrous shit that keeps him in the good books of his stupid, vapid woman, like the massive fat cuck that he is.

Stop doing the fucking victory dance at half-time & pick up your damned weapons!




That is Lewis Hamilton’s reputed net worth in 2020.

He isn’t domiciled in the UK, so he won’t be making any contribution to the exchequer that might go towards paying back the magic money tree or bolstering ‘our’ NHS.

His $50M annual income seems to mainly come from two companies that became what they are on the back of Nazi patronage – Mercedes Benz and Hugo Boss.

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 12.17.22

A wag may go as far as to suggest, hyperbolically speaking, that by the transitive properties of pathological grievance-mongering, Lewis Hamilton must be a Nazi. Literally Hitler.

Nevertheless, he feels able to sit in judgement of us all and he’s come to the conclusion that we’re racists who’d better start taking a knee before he comes after us (whitey). He specifically targets his F1 millieu, but we know he’s talking about all of us when he refers to racism in society.

Adam Piggott picks up on the theme and I concur entirely with him.

Insidious threats to get with the program or else. Hamilton knows who you are; he sees you. You better get your white knee down fast, honky, or there gonna be trouble in the old town tonight. He took to wearing a ball and chain around his neck while mooching around the paddock on the weekend. The utter absurdity of such a privileged individual carrying on as if slavery was something that only ended a few weeks ago and which he personally had to survive, is a complete insult to every other driver on the grid and to every fan of F1.

Many of the F1 races take place in countries which are less, how shall we say, inclined to pander to blacks. You won’t see BLM on the streets of Abu Dhabi, for example. And I doubt that the Russian grand prix will put up with this nonsense. I suppose when the cars go to those races that trouble makes such as Hamilton will suddenly suffer collective amnesia. If only such a condition could be permanent.

The six drivers who didn’t take a knee were, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kvyat, Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.

I doff my cap to the 6 refuseniks, but I predict that Verstappen will fold first, followed by Sainz.

Kimi is Kimi, Daniil is Russian. They’re not going to capitulate to this crap.

Leclerc and Giovinazzi have a lot of future opportunity to lose by refusing to toe the PR line, so I wouldn’t bet my house on those guys going the distance on this, unless their Italian teams provide them with top-cover, which would be fine in the short term, but not so much when they’re looking for their next contracts.

As far as Hamilton is concerned, I wrote about him last year. Many of the British public don’t like him (although I doubt too many feel like admitting that right now). He’s far from the first spoiled, petulant sports star to attract unflattering comments in pubs across the land.

It would suit him to think it’s coz ‘e is black – that way none of it is on him. He has gone to lengths to mark himself out as ‘not one of us’ with his immersion on the US west coast music scene and his bling. But far more it’s that he’s loaded, entitled, tax-dodging, arrogant, shows poor sportsmanship and – as it happens – we don’t like race-baiters.

There are plenty of black sportspeople in the UK that are widely admired and regarded with affection. Did you know, for example, that Mo Farah (Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah, born in Mogadishu) is as British as you or me, so long as he’s winning things that we can mark in our column?

Irrespective of their colour, we only tend to fall out with sports stars when they get too big for their boots – they all rise and fall on the tide of public opinion.

Also, I wrote 4 years ago that BLM should be regarded as a terrorist organisation, and I think events have comprehensively born out that view.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists, Lewis.


UPDATE: Props to EdP in the comments who raised this important point:

Hamilton’s wealth is based on at least two companies which were founded on Nazi forced/slave labour: Mercedes & Hugo Boss.

I’ve added this into the main body of the text, but only fair to cite the guy who brought it to my attention.

If Hamilton thinks I’m responsible for slavery 200 years ago, then I think he’s responsible for dead Jews 80 years ago. Fair?

Are you ready to be race-audited?

You think I’m joking, right?

How confident are you that the books on your Kindle include the right number of BAME, female and LGBT authors? (Personally I have no books by women or black people. I’m pretty sure Douglas Murray is single-handedly representing the whole spectrum of benders.)

Or that your Linked-In connections correctly represent the racial and gender proportions in society? (You can be 95% sure anyone I’m connected to who isn’t a white man is either a recruitment consultant or a salesman)

Or that the podcasts you subscribe to in iTunes are suitably diverse? (Nope)

Have you watched the mandatory diversity programing on Netflix and listened to the requisite race porridge on Audible? (Fuck no, I cancelled them instead, but they have that data forever anyway)

Don’t expect all the rap and dance music on your Spotify playlists to count for anything, mind.

Given how riddled with wokeys these companies are, could you seriously convince yourself that there’s no-one in those companies running database queries to answer all these questions, and then grading you on a curve?

If you think this is never going to happen, I have a bridge to sell you.

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to defend your position. Yes, I do prefer the intellectual and artistic products of white western men who have a predilection for freedom and individual responsibility. What of it? How many Jeremy Clarkson books do you have, Mx Ngombwe? Hmm? Any Richard Dawkins, Charles Murray, Matt Ridley, Chris Brookmyre, Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams? No, I didn’t think so. Watched anything by Chris Morris or Charlie Brooker recently? No? Off you fuck, then.