Fuck off, Dishface

I fondly imagined I’d never have to utter those words again, but he’s back.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 11.55.16

Naturally he’s getting a sympathetic hearing from the Remainer Sunday Times. I can’t imagine why anyone would do that except for those who desparately miss the murderous grinning chimp Blair.

And while it’s terribly sad that his child died, it does not detract from his calamitous time in office, his fake squishy conservatism and the way he dropped the B-bomb on the country and then fucked off as if he’d broken a household ornament and needed to scarper before nanny caught up with him.

Just in case you were thinking of buying his ghastly apologia of a book, and further feathering the nest of this cockroach, please don’t. Please download a ripped-off copy to read on your phone/tablet/laptop/etchasketch.

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I’ll post a link once the book’s out.




Progs rage against the effects of their own policies…

Woe is spreading amongst progressives about the problem of collapsing levels of rape conviction and rising rates of rape.

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Indeed it’s a problem that should concern us all, but some of us have some insight into why it might be happening that is lacking amongst those with the prog-blinkers on.

The collapse of rape trials is clearly a reaction amongst police and prosecutors in the wake of a series of scandalously mishandled complaints, during which their ”believe all victims” ethos – itself a begging of the question – whereby young men suffered procedural torment and reputational ruin, and only belatedly saw anything resembling justice when the lawyers deigned to look at the actual evidence exonerating the men.

The drip drip drip of women who have falsely accused men also has its effect in the minds of police, prosecutors and juries.

The rising incidence of genuine rape cases… well how to explain that? Perhaps the general emasculation of law enforcement has played a part. Perhaps the continuous incoming tide of people from places that have no respect for women has something to do with it.

Perhaps the sense of entitlement and the taboo of ‘slut shaming’ amongst young women – amongst other snubs to feminine virtue – is leading them to make choices that leave them more vulnerable than good sense would dictate. Perhaps their lack of regard for their own propriety and safety makes it difficult for authorities and juries to buy their tales of woe.

Every last thing here that contrubutes to the problem is a direct or indirect result of progressive political philospohy and policy. And yet they will never reaslise or accept it, because this is the one kind of cognitive dissonance they simply cannot entertain. It would break them. So they’ll double down again and demand more ill-conceived and poorly drafted laws, no doubt further disadvantaging innocent men accused of awful crimes.

The cycle of fuckwittery and ruined lives will continue. Justice will become an ever more distant dream for anyone unlucky enough to become tangled in the web of progressive nonsense.




Has Boris just had his ‘basket of deplorables’ moment?

In my drafts is a post entitled ‘Why I won’t be voting for my Tory MP at the next election’.

It’s in my drafts because I have been in two minds, for all the reasons that you would expect – she’s a grasping, globohomo remainer in a pro-Brexit seat, but she’s a government loyalist and I don’t fancy the Brexit vote being split and letting in a Labour or Lib Dem MP. It’s mathematically possible.

There must be huge numbers of people who are on the horns of the same dilemma. never wishing to vote Tory again, but loathe to vote Brexit Party only to get Labour. Our political tempers are on a hair-trigger after 3 years of bare-faced betrayals.

So when I first saw this…

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 01.13.02

… my gut instinct was, ‘right that’s it, definitely voting for Brexit party now. Fuck Boris.’

It seemed that Boris was, by association, committing a slur against anyone who’d vote Brexit party. Delingpole is taking that interpretation, as are many of the commenting hoardes.

But when you think about it, it’s actually pretty weak sauce. The story originated in the Daily Mail, which is now a pro-remain rag, and the comments are attributed to anonymous ‘senior Tory sources’. As if perfidious remainers have been magically eliminated from the government and from the CCHQ backrooms.

And in this febrile atmosphere, do we doubt that some venal few anticipate another Tory leadership election, fancy their chances, and are manoeuvring accordingly?

Anyway, it was just an impolitic way of stating the bleeding obvious: There’s no way that the Tory party can get into bed with Nigel before the election. It’d force a lot of Tory remainers into the arms of the Lib Dems. The media would have a field day holding the Tories to account for the Brexit party’s policies, which are mostly vapourware and would inevitably be made up on the hoof, under pressure of media mauling, by some of these 600 or so untested and inexperienced candidates. The united forces of the remain coalition would have a single target and a cavalcade of open goals.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a series of tactical local agreements. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be a post-election pact, be it confidence and supply or coalition. I’m sure we needn’t actually look up what appalling shit the Lib Dems were saying about the Tories before the 2010 election.

But that coould all be for the birds. When all said and done, the chances are the Brexit party will have as big a problem breaking through as UKIP did in the general election the year after they swept the boards in the EU elections.

The party list system worked well for the Brexit party, as it once did for UKIP, because they had an amorphous cloud of candidates on the list, elected under PRThe system and protocol under which a general election would be fought is a whole different kettle of fish and when a date is named and the candidates are unveiled, there’s going to be a feeding frenzy of offence archeology from a coalition of Remainers, Momentum and Antifa. It’ll be a bloodbath. Dozens if not hundreds of Brexit party candidates will fall.

So at the end of the day, I still don’t know yet whether the Tories or the Brexit Party will get my vote. There’s a lot that can happen between now and then. Whenever then is.


Teetering between madness and genius

I wrote this about Alistair Williams a while back:

I’m not yet sure whether Alistair is in the process of going mad, or is coming to a crescendo of comic social commentary. It’s compelling either way.

I’m still not sure: while his livestreams are shambolic and paranoid, his pre-recorded work is excellent. Insight, intelligence, wit and passion ooze from this:

Good stuff.

When the revolution comes, we should consider using Jess Phillips’ face as the business end of a battering ram to get us into the Bank of England.


Nothing to see here…

Honestly… the UK political situation… I hear it’s a thing, but I’d rather eat from the litter tray.

Instead, I’ve been enjoying this entire playlist a lot, albeit skipping through some of the Marvel/DC/Disney ones for the meatier pitch meetings:



This is education

This woman is a force of nature. In the event that the House of Lords remains a thing, she should be in it when she’s tired of being a headmistress.

Not a lot of us are entitled to keep a straight face when we say ‘I’ve been on a journey’, or ‘I really feel like I’ve achieved something’, but Katherine Birbalsingh is.

She’s a hugely impressive person, and a reminder that you needn’t be male or white or English to be a thorn in the side of the establishment. You just have to believe in discipline, intellectual honesty and logical consistency, and it’ll piss them right off.

I’ve met her in person. We had dinner years ago, long before she opened her school, and it was obvious then that she’d blow the doors off the education establishment. I’m very pleased that her school’s first year of exam results has been stellar.

What boggles my mind is that, following the coherent logic she proposes in her interview above with Brendan O’Neill, she ought to be the multiculturalists’ wet dream, but they hate her so.


How to respond when Brexit kills

I like this bloke. Proper northern common sense on the topic of Brexit and the wider associated issues of culture and nationhood.

Here he wonders how we should respond in the event that we do get a proper Brexit, and the Remainers’ predictions of doom start to come true – people go hungry for food and die for want of vital medicines.

By examining how the prog-elite have consistently responded to any adverse outcome of one of their policies, he comes to what I think is the correct conclusion: we double down the commitment to Brexit and what comes next, and we ascribe bad faith to the kvetching objectors.

Certainly there will be problems that come up and there will be the whole gamut of university educated wokerati, queuing up on the steps of BBC News to deploy the panpoly of logical fallacies, statistical errors and other assorted legerdemain to prove that Brexit caused whatever X, Y & Z is on their list of supposed disasters and confected grievances.

But Brexit is still the right thing to do for the greater good. Any problems will be mitigated as best they can and lessons will be learned, but no sense of buyers remorse can be allowed to prevail amongst those of us who have advocated for this.

He considers a specific hypothetical case where, post-Brexit, a poorly child dies for want of a vital medicine, which was unavailable due to the logistical complications of no-deal, and he anticipates the inevitable outcry from remainers that everyone who voted for Brexit has blood on their hands.

The media will, of course, pick up on every thing ever said by a Brexiter that could be turned against them in this event. There will be no point in treading on egg shells. We can only really say ‘well I’m very sorry about your dead child, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, and we have a wider question of the national interest to consider’.

If that makes you feel queasy, remember the prog-elite’s blanket response to thousands of groomed and abused children in provincial England: it’s regrettable, but it’s for the greater good of our ideology, and if you keep on about it, we’ll have you arrested, take your job and cast you out of society as the racist that you are. And don’t forget that the spectre of terrorism and violent street-crime is just part and parcel of living in a big city.

I absolutely guarantee that before the bien pensants decided whether or not to sympathise with the parents of the dead child, they’d want to know (or they’d just assume), which way they voted in the referendum.

The parents voted to remain? The child was a victim of a cruel and ignorant Brexit majority. The parents will become martyrs to the cause, feted, crowdsourced into a comfortable existence and defered to by the media on matters of policy, ethics, economics and medicine.

The parents voted to leave? They deserve no sympathy and should probably be in prison for killing their child. A million people will tell them so on Facebook and, once they’re doxxed, by spraying their house and putting flaming dog turds through their letterbox.

One thing is for sure, the recriminations for Brexit will be widespread, and colourful in the extreme.

In the absence of a genuine apocalyptic catastrophe, the greater good is still being served by Brexit and we lose sight of that at our peril in the face of continuing remainer hysteria.