Toby Young is Wrong…

I mean… he does kinda deserve his victory lap as the narrative of the last two years shifts to be in contradiction with what we were told previously, and those of us who have stuck to our guns are being vindicated… but only in the eyes of those who agreed with us all along.

As previously explained, the normies will go to great lengths to rationalise their collaboration with the ludicrous pantomime of the last two years. They will not truly wake up. As TGO points out in an absolute Tour de Force podcast this week, if you haven’t figured out the global warming scam which has been around for 40+ years and isn’t going away, how likely are you to suddenly realise that you’ve been made an absolute twat of over the Wuhan coof for the last 2 years?

Anyway, back to Toby Young. For setting up the Daily Sceptic (formerly Lockdown Sceptics), sticking with it and making it a success, he deserves his victory lap.

Young does not deserve congratulations for having, using and cleaving to some good, empirical common sense. That is a basic requirement of being a sentient human being. Granted it’s not a requirement for being an NPC, but I don’t count them as human because they’re not.

But for seizing the opportunity to launch a successful website, he can have his victory lap. Which he does in a column in the Mail. Unfortunately, he also takes the opportunity to parade his myriad delusions about where we are and what is next. His closing line is all we need to dwell upon.

“The only thing that matters to me is that we never lock down the people of these islands again.”

The reason Toby thinks that is that he is desparate for honours… OBE’s, Knighthoods, Lordships. His father got them and he wants them too. More importantly his wife wants them, and if she thinks he’s jeopardising that, she will leave him, taking with her everything he ever loved.

And that is the reason why he’s wrong. Because if he wasn’t a gelding whose tackle is stored in an icebox in the back of his wife’s car, he would see that the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS is that every last person responsible for perpetrating this enormous crime is dragged out into the street and beaten with hammers until they are dead.

Every politician. Every ‘rock star’. Every sportsman. Every actor. Every newscaster. Every journalist. Every social media executive. Every pharmaceutical executive. Every doctor. Every ‘public health expert’. Every teacher. Every psychologist. Every Karen.

Eveyone of those people who perpetuated this clusterfuck.

Street. Hammers. Dead.

If they come quietly, their families live. If not, we’ll order more hammers.



4 thoughts on “Toby Young is Wrong…

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Its refreshing to see someone else in the same mind as myself, instead of wanting to bring useless criminal prosecutions that will achieve nothing in the end. Hancock and Whitty being the first to go.

    • The courts are never going to offer satisfaction. An occasional fig leaf may be served up, but root and branch retribution is never going to come. I honestly think that the legal challenges are a fools errand, which only serve to drain the funds of people with more money than imagination.

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