I have questions…

Admittedly, they’re rhetorical, but there we are.

From the current Tellygiraffe front page:

  1. The target of this story is clearly Johnson, so it’s fair enough that the woman’s face is pixelated out. But what about the other geezer? Why has his visage been placed on the front page? I think we can make an educated guess on that one. Something something that bloke can look after himself unlike the strong-independent-girl-boss with the 8-bit countenance.
  2. Since when did the police get to act in such a politically partisan and fickle manner? Call me naive – and I know this is faintly ludicrous in this day and age – but my expectation is that the police carry out their dirty business even-handedly, without fear or favour, based principally on whether a law appears to have been broken. I think it would be difficult to argue that they are doing this, rather than bending with the winds whipped up by the insane media harpies.
  3. Do the deadstream media think they can paper over their complicity in the last two years of totalitarianism by pointing and shrieking at Boris, like swotty teenage girls, telling teacher about the popular girls wanking off boys behind the bikesheds?
  4. When do we think they will report on the illicit parties thrown by senior people in Labour, Libdems, SAGE, the unions, the teachers, the nurses, the doctors, the lobbyists, the coppers?

Don’t try and tell me they didn’t have any parties, and that it was just those awful Tories. Do not tell me that Kier Stumer, Cressida Dick, Len McCluskey, that Libdem one, the SAGE Commie, the NHS top wallah, Laura Catsarse, Emily Matalan or Beth Rigsby didn’t once attend a dinner party or drinks gathering during Wuhan restrictions.

Don’t try and tell me after all the pro-lockdown rhetoric from all these prissy, self-righteous fucks that only the government should be held to a standard of conduct, when the evidence strongly suggests that Boris was bounced into the whole pantomime by the media, the opposition, the unions, the public health dorks and the NHS, against his better judgement.

Media editors: Prove you’ve got a pair of balls and nail the government to a wall by running a front page that says “Tory Xmas Antics Prove that It Was All a Big Con”.

I won’t hold my breath. I can’t drink champagne from the bottle while holding my breath.



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