What could possibly go wrong?

As a shareholder in, and account holder with, RBS, I don’t now whether to be alarmed, dismayed or amused by this:


Britons have grown accustomed to dialling call centres in Bangalore to check their bank details. But what if your bank’s back office was in an Indian prison — and was manned by criminals?

In what has been billed as “a unique public-private experiment”, an Indian outsourcing company that claims Royal Bank of Scotland and Goldman Sachs as clients is to employ inmates at Cherlapally Central Jail in Hyderabad to help to process bank paperwork.

About 250 prisoners — both convicts and those awaiting trial — will carry out work for Indian banks and insurance companies after receiving training in basic tasks such as typing application form details into computers.

They will also help to process insurance claims, said C. Narayanacharyulu, a director of Radiant Info Systems, the outsourcing company involved.

He could see no reason why inmates should not carry out work for British banks. “Why not?” he asked. “We believe that about 200 prisoners at Cherlapally are already computer-literate.”

Errr.. okay. Not.



3 thoughts on “What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Can’t wait for the first lefty to sneer at people amazed by this because ‘our English banks are full of criminals’

    In fact, it’ll probably be in the ‘Guardian’…

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