Royally Screwed

A woman who works for a clothes shop marries an anachronistic parasite and sooner or later, as if by magic, she’ll be the Queen. Of my country. Remarkable.

Labour truly mastered that social mobility brief, didn’t they?

This could truly be the bleakest winter in a long time. The media dribble, the imbecilic cooing women, the deluded fat men, sat in pubs droning on about what they’d do to ‘her’ and the jokes about queening.

The burial of bad news, the uniquely obsequious BBC coverage, the pissing of our stolen money right in our faces to pay for lavish events for the politicos and the slebs.

Seriously, for whom is this inevitable pantomime a good thing? It certainly won’t help my blood pressure.

I hope Twitter agrees on a hashtag soon, so I can block it.



5 thoughts on “Royally Screwed

  1. Sure, there’s a coherent argument for republicanism but – if we were to dump the monarchy – not only wouldn’t we save a penny but different and far more parasitic “parasites” would scrabble to be in place. But it appears that , if we have a monarchy, you’d rather one on the lines of Good King Norman of the Royal Socialist Family imagined by Peter Simple in the Telegraph</a).

    This isn't to say that the monarchy should be above criticisism. For instance, the present incumbent sat there while the last Labour administration tore the constitution to threads: the constitution, by the way, which legitimises her position. I'm far from being a republican but another few years of acquiescing in the the rubbish forced on us by the political class would have even me supporting the creation of a Committee of Public Safety.

  2. You miserable fucker.

    Certainly rather have this lot than some conniving blair-like cunt lying to get himself elected president.

    Personally I have a great deal more respect for our (unelected) queen than I do for Cameron, did for Blair or Major (can we just forget about brown please)

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