If you say so…

It’s being reported that the devastating fire at Notre Dame de Paris was the result of an electrical short circuit.

Now, this might well be true.

The problem is that the state and the media have destroyed all trust in themselves and in wider society, fragmented as it is, and no-one with an ounce of common-sense is going to believe them no matter how right they might be on this occasion.

We know that there are manifest empirical truths of which they will not speak. We suspect that ‘electrical fire’ has joined the category of euphemisms that includes ‘lone wolf’ and ‘mental health’, and that it will become the new catch-all explanation for fires and other damage to any buidings that embody Western Civilisation.

There are ever growing numbers of people that will never ever believe that the Notre Dame incident was an accident or, indeed, anything other than an act of negligence or malevolence by a follower of Allah, because they’ve been lied to and treated like idiots far too many times by those who police the Overton window.

Those in positions of power and influence would do well to dwell on that a while, and consider what it might mean.



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