Go on Labour – destroy that core vote

It seems likely that more hardcore smokers are Labour supporters, rather than DibLems or Tories.

So what the flying fuck are they up to now?


We’ve rehearsed all the reasons why the smoking ban is an absolute disgrace. So what are they thinking?

Andy Burnham, the health secretary, will review the current law to see if it should be strengthened to include areas where smokers have gathered since the 2007 ban.

Mr Burnham said he wants to halve the number of smokers in England from one fifth (21%) of the population to one in 10 by 2020.

The target requires around four million of England’s estimated eight million smokers to quit.

An extension of the ban – which currently covers enclosed spaces – to include open-air but busy areas such as office doorways and pub gardens, would also reduce passive smoking, Department of Health (DH) officials believe.




A puritanical Scouse cunt yesterday.

You know, under my new constitutional settlement, this prick wouldn’t even be entitled to sit in Westminster.


UPDATE: And in case you were wondering, no, the Tories won’t be ay different.

UPDATE 2: Constantly Furious has more. Including the apparent (but not quite) censoring of pro-smoking websites by Vodafone.

UPDATE 3: Smokers’ comfort Dick Puddlecote continues to provide sterling service.


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