Solve the electoral crisis: Cut Scotland loose.

It’s a theme I’ve enthused about before. You may even have noticed the link in my sidebar to the campaign for Scottish independence.

Minette Marrin, a columnist with whom I find myself in frequent and violent agreement, raises a point very salient to our current electoral dilemma.

Cameron got 306 seats (against Brown’s 258), just 20 seats short of an overall majority. But Brown’s 258 included 41 from Scotland (out of 59 Scottish constituencies). Without these Scottish seats, the Labour party would have got only 217 to the Conservatives’ 305 and Clegg’s 46 (to which he would be reduced if he did not have his current 11 Lib Dem seats in Scotland).

It would be interesting to see the latest on these figures, too:

At the end of 2006 a famous ICM poll found that 52% of Scots wanted independence from Britain, but also — startlingly — that 59% of the English favoured separation from Scotland. As far as I know there have been no polls about this thorny issue since.

Someone on Twitter (I forget who, forgive me) came up with a superb idea – referenda on PR, Scottish Independence and EU membership, all on the same day – and that was before we learned of the latest attempt to prop up the Euro with OUR money.

Such a clutch of referenda would be sheer, unmitigated joy.


UPDATE: Via @RantinRab hark at how well Labour did in Scotland.



4 thoughts on “Solve the electoral crisis: Cut Scotland loose.

  1. I agree with the points you are saying, but I am fearful that if Scotland were to become independent we would never break free from the grip of socialism.

    And another point, the ‘cut Scotland loose’ headline is arrogant as fuck. As if it’s Englands decision alone whether to allow Scotland to be independence or not. It’s nonsense like that that feeds the ‘little Jocks’ mentality.

  2. I really think that the issue of the Scots/English issue is not one for Sctoland only. Why should England not be part of any decision?

    I think a referendum on this should be held on both sides of the border as it affects us both. Personally if I could cut Scotland off, tow it into the Atlantic and sink it, I would be quite happy. They have sucked England dry for decades…its time they stood on their own two feet….or sank!

  3. The present position is untenable. We’ve already had one trip to the divorce court, and Scotland got its divorce from England, but somehow England came away still married. A return visit is inevitable, and rather sooner than later.

  4. if Scotland were to become independent we would never break free from the grip of socialism

    You would, because there would be no English money to pay for socialism :p

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