On the next election

Whenever it is going to be, the next election is going to provide a lot of intrigue.

It seems to me that, in 1992, there were three things that stopped the Tories losing the election, after a period of economic turmoil, sleaze and unpopularity:

  1. Thatcher had gone.
  2. People wanted the shower-of-shit Tories to sort out the mess they’d made.
  3. Neil Kinnock was the alternative.

Whenever the next election, there will be people who think that:

Blair has gone – Brown is the right man.

Admittedly, even at the height of his unpopularity, Blair couldn’t hold a candle to the loathing a vast swathe of the country felt (and still feel) for Thatcher.

Brown may lack pretty much everything Blair had, as an electoral asset, but unlike Blair, he’s gotten clean away with being a lying shitbag for the last 15 years. (Abolished boom & bust? Inherited a broken economy? Helping small businesses? Tackling red tape? You lying twat).

Because of this, there do seem to be people who actually believe that Brown is “the right man to see us through these zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. hard working families..blah blah”… meh.

Never underestimate the congenital moron vote.

These morons should stay and clear up the shit storm.

There is a certain logic to this view, because if the economy is going to be buggered for 3 years, jobless numbers are going to explode and we’re going to be having blackouts, then whoever is in power is going to get the blame. People are going to be suffering 7 ways and blaming the last lot is not going to cut any ice. Might as well be Labour.

Of course, that assumes a degree of faith that the economy can recover in-spite of Brown and Darling, because they’re obviously incapable of doing anything that would genuinely help.

The Tories would only last one term.

Some would say that Thatcher would only have lasted 1 term without the Falklands conflict, such was the unpopularity of the drastic measures she had to take to rein Britain back from the brink of economic calamity. So if Cameron wins in 2010 and he can’t turn things around in 5 years, Labour could be back in 2015 with Harriet Harman or Peter Mandelson as PM.

Is that what you want?

Cameron is a Lightweight. Osborne is Piers Fletcher-Dervish.

There’s a contingent amongst core Tory voters that thinks Cameron is dangerously middle-of-the road, with his cycle helmet, wind turbine, think-of-the-childrenism, tax-cut aversion, and general hair-shirted, gelatiously-spined southern-jessitude. Not that this will prevent core supporters voting for the Tories at the next election. It may be unpleasant to contrast the ‘powerful, iron willed Gordo’ with the above Cephalopoddity.

Meanwhile there’s Georgie Porgie Pudding and Fag. What a useless sack of crap he is proving to be. They need Redwood or Clarke as shadow chancellor.

This shower are not a compelling alternative.

It doesn’t matter which of these useless lot of bastards gets in – the EU controls the country.

This is the only correct conclusion.

So what to do?


9/4 may be a good hedge. If it pays out, it can buy be a one-way ticket to some other place, because I cannot even contemplate another 5 years of these useless, lying, nannying, authoritarian, tax-grabbing bastards.



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