Lights Out Soon

I have mentioned previously that we’re going to be needing more electricity generating capacity.

Now, the top man confirms the suspicion.

National Grid chief Steve Holliday: blackouts will be common in 7 years

Britain could face regular blackouts within seven years if the Government does not intervene in the energy market to ensure that more power stations are built, the head of National Grid says today.

In an interview with The Times, Steve Holliday, chief executive of the company that operates the power and gas transmission network, said that Britain was facing an acute shortage of generating capacity because a string of ageing nuclear and coal-fired plants were due to be retired from service.

The warning came after Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, said on Friday that it was to consider fresh incentives to encourage the development of renewable energy schemes in Britain.

Mr Holliday said that National Grid’s own analysis indicated that, under a business-as-usual scenario, Britain would fail to attract enough investment in new plants and would lack sufficient generating capacity to meet peak demand around 2015.

This will be a fine legacy from 11-18 years of Labour government and 20 years of foaming-mouthed environmentlers. Of course, the latter will get what they want. We’ll be reduced to candlelight, penury, barbarism and I expect we’ll be communicating by painting pictures on the wall with our own faeces.

Utter, utter bastards.



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