Sketching the future

Asimov’s Hari Seldon, 20000 years in the future, took a lifetime to devise his PsychoHistory.

Presumably, 20000 years into the future, they didn’t have Excel, because I’ve knocked together something pretty workable this afternoon.

Here are some things I have in-store for humanity.

2009 Euro-elections: UKIP & BNP big gainers. Labour big fat pie-faced losers.

Public opinion against Europe is hardening in the UK and will continue to do so – especially now we can’t go over to the Eurozone and lord it over them with our fat wallets anymore. A lot of plebs will decide they can’t afford to go to Europe in 2009 and they’ll resent it.

By then, the new limits on how much booze and tobacco we can bring home will probably have been implemented. Perhaps the weak pound will ameliorate the impact of that, or perhaps it will compound the resentment in people’s minds, at a time when everything is crap, they can’t even get cheap fags. After all, even with £1 = €1, fags are still significantly cheaper in most EU countries. Also, the restrictions on buying cheap booze in the UK, the mandatory ‘Alcohol Code’ introduced by Jacqui Smith, will be bearing down on us.

Few will care about the impact of European law and its empowerment of our own Police to tap our computers remotely, without a warrant. Or about the internal EU politics numptitude, though some may point at a time of recession to the obscene expenses and benefits the Euro-gravytrainers get.

Of course, by the time of these elections, in June, the campaign for the Irish re-run of the Lisbon referendum will be in swing, and that will make for interesting viewing – they’re have a new vote in October 2009, apparently. This will help to highlight to utter shiftiness of the whole EU bunch to the British public – not that this is assured by the dead-tree press and the BBBC. At least there’ll be the reminders that we didn’t get a vote at all.

UKIP will do well amongst those who are incensed by the EU, because they know that the Tories are not offering anything to Eurosceptics. The Tories will do well amongst people who believe that the most important thing is to kick Gordon Brown in the face. The wheels are in motion to mitigate against the rise of the BNP, with Hazel Blears ‘feeling the pain’ of people who live in towns that have been transformed into Muslim ghettos in a generation. So, the BNP will do well everywhere Hazel Blears shows up, with their supporters deciding it would be best if their whitest and brightest were sent to sit in a fishtank is Brussels for 5 years, unable to do a bloody thing against the steam-rolling Frogs and Krauts.

Always remember those who voted for the reduced alcohol and tobacco limits when voting:

In a knife-edge vote on Wednesday, 328 MEPs were in favour of the move and 319 were against the strict new guidelines for “personal consumption”.

Three out of 10 South East Euro-MPs, who represent Kent, voted in favour of the legislation, which could come into force in two years’ time – Caroline Lucas, po-faced cunt leader of the Green Party, hatchet-faced bitch Lib Dem Sharon Bowles and misery-spreading -communist-wanker Labour’s Peter Skinner.

Incidentally, I have found out that the approval of this measure was by 328 votes to 319 with 34 abstentions. But I’ve yet to work out who, other than the above purtian dickheads voted for this measure, or abstained. What we do have is the list of UK MEPs.

One final group I haven’t considered: The AGW true-believers, who will become disillusioned with the EU, while Vaclav Klaus is in the chair with his finely-honed scepticism. They’ll all vote green, like the deluded Che bothering mongs that they are.

And further down the road, which I’ll talk about later.

2010 Gordon Brown wins General election.

2011 – Mandatory Road Pricing Introduced.

2012/13Arnie becomes US President

2012-15Power Cuts in UK. Rioting, mass disorder and civil disobedience, complete social and economic collapse.

2015Norsefire win General Election



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