It ain’t over ’til the fat abdullah sings

Remember Shamina Begum?

Remember her having her British citizenship revoked?

Remember stupid right-wingers doing the victory dance like a teenage virgin spaffing his load when his first girlfriend accidentally brushes her tit against his arm – which is to say grossly prematurely?

I wrote:

On the face of it, this is what I thought should happen. And people across the land will be raising a glass tonight to this decision. But lets just keep our trousers on for a moment here. She has a right of appeal. Even if she doesn’t get legal aid out of our pockets, you can bet the lefty wingnuts and the ummah will crowdfund the best legal representation.

So expect someone like Cherie Blair or Michael Mansfield to step up to the plate on her behalf. This will run and run and end up at a court that finds in her favour and against the government.

So I was ready and waiting to hear this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 10.27.20

The UK Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Shamina Begum, 20, who joined ISIS at age 15 can return to the UK to appeal her revoked British citizenship before the Special Immigrant Appeals Commission (SIAC).

The Secretary of State denied Begum’s leave to enter the UK to pursue her appeal before SIAC in June 2019. Begum then appealed the denial to SIAC, which was upheld. The UK Court of Appeals reversed and held that, to have a “fair and effective appeal,” Begum may return from Syria “albeit subject to such controls that the Secretary of State deems appropriate.”

And so the stage is set for the English judiciary to drop its trousers and allow Begum to return to Britain. Not – you’ll note – return home. Return to Britain. This is not her home. She has no natural right to be here, and any right by birth is certainly forfeit after she went and did the ISIS thing. But I digress.

Once she wins her judicial review, the gates will be open for hundreds of other ISIS fighters who were stripped of their UK citizenship to also return.

And the circle will be complete.

I may turn out to be wrong, I’ll be happy to be wrong. But I’ve not been wrong so far have I?

I voiced the same ‘woah, this isn’t a done deal’ concerns when Boris won the last election, and I was right about that too, wasn’t I? He’s been a spino-gelatinous disaster of virtue signalling, bed-wetting tyranny and doing ludicrous shit that keeps him in the good books of his stupid, vapid woman, like the massive fat cuck that he is.

Stop doing the fucking victory dance at half-time & pick up your damned weapons!



8 thoughts on “It ain’t over ’til the fat abdullah sings

  1. Sadly you won’t be wrong and even if she loses her appeal we won’t be able to throw her out again – because reasons… I despair….

  2. Well, besides an appeal to the supreme court – how about establishing a precendet – no reason she could’t make her appeal from an overseas embassy – or a retrospective law change – again, already established when they got rid of double jepaerdy or, given the serious nature of covid in Syria, close the borders and refuse all applications from anyone recently there – or require the presentation of her Bangladeshi passport before allowing entry to the UK.

  3. I wonder how much it would cost (purely hypothetically and in a spirit of enquiry of course) to have the Kurds or others of her erstwhile jailers just ‘disappear’ the worthless ragheaded scrote.
    I’m up for bunging in £50

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