Nutjobs for Freedom

I can’t help but notice that – as with the USA, so goes it in the UK – the ‘Freedom Movement’ that is organising gatherings this weekend around the country is being billed as an Anti-Vax movement by the Daily Mail.

A quick glance at Facebook – so far as I’m able to dig without being enrolled with Facebook – tends to confirm their analysis.

But it’s actually worse than that, because as well as the classic anti-vaxxers, it’s also the anti-5G and the 5G-causes-COVID bellends who are in the mix.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.57.36

While I’m heartened that some people are waking up and saying NO to the Lockdown nonsense, I’m not terribly impressed by the prospect of throwing my lot in with swivel-eyed conspiracy nutters, a lot of whom – to judge by Facebook – are functionally illiterate, scientifically ignorant, utterly irrational and very shouty.

It’s the work of a moment for the MSM to undermine the claims made around vaccines and ‘5G-causes-badthings’, to say nothing of ‘5G-causes-COVID’, being as these claims range from unlikely, through unproven, via provably wrong to totally deranged.

Also, I’m not even sure mandatory vaccinations are on the table outside of the internet forums wanking themselves into a fury over Bill Gates just now. If they were, it’d be important not to let objection to mandatory vaccinations be conflated with objection to vaccination per sé, which has a murky and inglorious past.

If there’s to be any meaningful progress at all by any movement against lockdown and for those responsible to be held to account, it needs to focus on lives, liberty, jobs and the economy.

Simple as that.


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