So you voted Conservative…

I bet you feel like a chump now, don’t you? If not, you’ve not been paying attention.

I wrote previously about the “living wage” introduced at the recent Budget.

What I didn’t write about at budget time was the squeeze on Buy-to-Let landlords (not just the loss of higher rate tax relief on mortgage interest, but the loss of tax relief on wear and tear costs), which will inevitably cause the costs to be passed on to tenants, in a mix of higher rent and lower standards of property maintenance.

I also didn’t write about the changes that will hit self-employed consultants, and company shareholders. The 7.5% increase in tax on dividends will hit both groups.

Self-employed contractors will also be hit by curbing of tax-deductible expenses, with consequences set out below.

As with the minimum wage, the outcome will be a mix of reduced economic opportunity, and higher prices for consumers.

Today, though, is the icing on the cake. Cameron has personally pledged to wipe out the ‘gender pay gap’. Which isn’t even a thing, when you look at men and women doing the same job. But he’s swallowed the feminist strap-on cock until the latex goolies are slapping on his (I presume prosthetic) chin.

Feminist Mom kicks whining-girl Cameron’s ass

Does anyone now seriously think Cameron is an actual Tory?

  • Living Wage
  • Hammering consultants &  shareholders
  • Hammering buy-to-let landlords
  • Gender pay gap

And people say we need an effective opposition? Which one of these things would Labour actually oppose? Anyone? Bueller?

….. Bueller?

….. Bueller?


Bring on Jeremy Corbyn.



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