Bedwetters Banquet

I don’t use Twitter as such anymore… haven’t done so since they suspended my account for telling Gilette to go fuck themselves (blogposts passim).

During this clusterfuck, though, it’s been amusing to follow Old Holborn’s twitter feed. While surveying the latest idiocy, I noted a trending gashtag…. #extendlockdown

It’s ever so good of the fags, whiners, bints, workshy public sector wasters, useful idiots and media retards to publically identify themselves like this.

Here’s a snippet, but check the link to see what I think is known as ‘the absolute fucking state of it’.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 17.49.32

The depressing thing here is how many people who would test positive for Y chromosomes, yet prove themselves to be invertebrate pussies, who want daddy government to spank them hard.

When this is over and the reckoning comes, every one of these dipshits needs to be called out, dragged into the street and beaten with hammers.


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