The missing Antonia Staats Podcast…

Oh, someone has been cleaning house real well… LinkedIn gone, the podcast gone not gone.

Yeah, I downloaded it last night. Oops. It doesn’t matter that the webpage with the transcript has gone (and not in the wayback machine).. it was an automatically generated transcript that could be easily recreated.

Jeremy Wagstaff writes: The latest in my series on lives disrupted by the coronavirus. I met Antonia when I was leading a Carter Center mission to Indonesia in 2009 to observe elections there. I wanted to find out from her about how Britain was taking all this. Yes, I’m British but I haven’t lived there since the third Thatcher government. What was all this doing to my compatriots’ state of mind? Turns out most of the change, at least in Antonia’s orbit, is taking place on the macro-level, as relationships within her family adjust themselves to life under lockdown. Home schooling, dishwasher-emptying duties, juggling two jobs and Zoom meetings, relieved by the occasional bike ride: will Antonia’s optimism outlast the virus?

I wonder where I should put the MP3 file…



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