Yep, it’s the Karenavirus again…


The other day, I pointed The Great One (CynLibSoc.com) towards a news story where 900 KARVID snitches were outed on Facebook via a FOIA request. Remarkably, the story links to a 922-page PDF file containing the full details of all these Karens and their complaints.

The Great One went to fucking town on them in today’s podcast and it was a tour-de-force. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

When I first started listening to him, I found his views on women difficult to come to terms with. But then I thought about it and I compared what he said with what I see women doing. And he’s right. About all of it.

#NAWALT my ass. Thankyou for your order. You ordered a NAWALT, but none were in-stock, so instead, we’re sending you a NARWHALT.






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