Nothing to do with White Van Man…

With the benefit of hindsight, it was inevitable, wasn’t it? White man drives van into Muslims outside Finsbury Park Mosque.



I mean.. are we really surprised after everything that has happened in the last few months?

This is to say nothing of the events across Europe in recent times, particularly France and Germany. The horror stories from the Bataclan are breath-taking.

But of course, the usual suspects are all up in arms, like this attack is more serious that any of the foregoing. Like the 1 dead and 10 injured here are somehow more precious and important than the 36 dead and 217 injured by Islamists in England in 2017. 

Conveniently, plod is on the news saying “this is being treated as a terrorist attack”. That’s the nub of the whole charade. Now people can smugly say “well it’s not just Muslims who carry out these attacks”.. as if that makes any of it okay. Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) is now on the news using language that draws equivalence between this attack and the Islamist attacks, opining that this individual “was allowed to be radicalised” etc etc.

But if this man was radicalised, it wasn’t by a rogue Vicar at a church. It was by the mealy-mouthed response to events from politicians who have allowed British people (and our visitors) to be slain by a medieval death cult, which the government and its agencies have allowed to enter the country and to incubate this death cult in our midst. It was by the righteous lefties and the celebs and the multiculti-happyclappy Primrose Hill mob who hate the white working class as much as they love vibrant and diverse savages. It was those who have allowed large swathes of British towns and cities to become foreign enclaves, where white people cannot go, and English isn’t spoken.

This was a reprisal against Muslims for Islamic terrorism perpetrated against the British people. But as inevitable as it may have been, it was also woefully misdirected.

As I said previously the angry response should be to the mealy-mouthed apologists in our own camp.

As an aside, I don’t suppose it’d make any different if we were to learn that this man in police custody had personally lost a loved one in one of these 2017 Islamist attacks, would it? I think it would to me.


UPDATE: It occurs to me that a side effect of this being treated as a terrorist attack is that the police will be able to spend the next month locking up people under the extremely broad, draconian and easy to use anti-terror legislation for posting anything to the effect of “good on him” on Facebook, Twitter etc. So expect there to be many scalps taken on that front in the coming days and weeks.

Also expect there to be no-one from the Muslim  community arrested for venting against whitey or calling for deaths, revenge attacks etc. These things will inevitably happen, but nothing will be done about it.

It also provides a convenient post hoc justification for the hitherto outrageous use of anti-radicalisation powers in schools against white kids who express an interest in stuff like UKIP.

In related news from the 5th column in our midst…



UPDATE 2: Theresa May’s already been at the mosque commiserating with the locals. Where was she when dozens burned to death less than a week ago?  She had to be dragged out of her cave kicking and screaming. I think we all know where Red Theresa’s priorities lie, don’t we.

UPDATE 3: As above… the crowing and death chants from the ISIS supporters begin…

UPDATE 4: A small reminder:


11 thoughts on “Nothing to do with White Van Man…

  1. Police are treating it as a terrorist incident.
    Doesn’t prove it was, just that they think it might be.
    Three guys in a van crash into pedestrians, run away. nobody armed. Why take passengers if you’re going to run away, and why no weapons
    Suspects reported as saying they wanted to kill all Muslims- were the reports from impartial people?
    Or was it just an accident?

        • Does it say anywhere at all that I do? Does it? No. It doesn’t. I hate terrorists, and so far this year we’ve had 5 Muslim ones and one white. They’re all cunts.

          This event is being cynically exploited by the powers that be to further their agendas, and the right-on are – as illustrated above – being hypocritical in their responses.

          • Yet you are blaming anyone but the terrorist himself. Imagine if a leftist said an ISIS terrorist was radicalized by West foreign policy. You would go mad with rage.

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  4. AJ. this was a brilliant piece that I’ve quoted over at my place. The problem is indeed the pro Islam Quislings. It is they who should be the targets of public opprobrium. They appear on the TV uttering their dishonest ‘religion of peace’ guff to the population although many of those watching and reading know very well that Islam is a death cult that encourages the rape of our kids and the destruction of our societies. The difference between the reality and the fantasies of the politicians and broadcasters is noted by people and it makes people angry. I had hoped that wiser political heads would prevail and that there would be honest recognition both of the nature of the problem and the scale of it. Unfortunately I was wrong on that one. I think that over time the anger that many people feel about the presence and crimes of the death cultists and the feeling of being abandoned by the police and political classes will stoke up the anger further.

    People are angry about the depredations of the Islamic death cult and angry at the politicians and the police who go out of their way to protect their tormentors in the Islamic death cult from anything and everything, including justifiable criticism. I fear that we are in for some unpleasant times ahead as more people realise just why Islam is so nasty and ask why the government is doing sod all to control it?

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