Cameron vs Leveson and the Statists – Another battle Cameron will lose

A fairly remarkable day, in that Cameron has taken a position I agree with.

The Leveson report is out.

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The Conservative leader gives a cautious response, saying he has "serious misgivings and concerns" about state regulation of the press.

The Liberal Democrat leader, however, wants to step on the gas and fully and uncritically implement the recommendations of this report. This is because Nick Clegg isn’t a Liberal of any variety. He’s just another big-state socialist authoritarian stooge who’d be at home in Labour. In one move, he has given the lie to the very raison d’etre of his party.

Quite what Clegg is up to is something of little concern to me, to be honest.

Some in the media and those of a ‘freedom loving’ disposition are now desperately cleaving to Cameron’s words, as reassurance that the danger is not serious.

Perhaps they’d care to recall that a former Prime Minister of ours was committed to preventing blanket bans on smoking and fox hunting? And that those words provided significant reassurance to interested parties, which actually stopped them maximising their continued opposition to the bans, thinking it’d be fine for them.

If you think Cameron will get his way, and the knee-jerkers, statists, milquetoasts and wounded slebs will accept that, I predict that you will turn out to be dead wrong.

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history…



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