Address the cause, not the effect..

Suppose someone invites an orangutan into your house, whereupon it craps in its hand and flings it at you. Would you blame the orangutan, or would you blame the idiot who let the ape in, and is now claiming its aberrant behaviour is nothing to do with primates?

After the dreadful happenings in Manchester the other night, there’s really no point in blaming the muslims. There’s definitely no point in accosting a random muslim in the street and “making him pay” for what happened in Manchester.

Don’t get me wrong. There is blame to be apportioned, and retribution to be meted out. Not to the orangutan but to the cretins who have allowed the place to be brought to this cowardly and delusional state of affairs.

Let’s start with the imbecilic celebrants of diversity and multiculturalism. Those responsible for encouraging and endorsing the balkanisation of our society into a rag bag of “communities” all of whom have their own interests, practices and preferences that are at odds with everyone else’s.

The politicians who opened the doors to mass migration to “rub the right’s face in it” but have actually managed to piss in everyone’s drink in the process.

The relativists who insist that there’s some kind of equivalence between the crapholes of the Islamic middle east and the traditions and morals of western Europe.

The one-eyed feminists and gays that say nothing about how muslims treat women and gays, even as they’re being gang-raped or thrown off a building, because that would be racist.

The intellectual eunuchs who, every time there’s such an atrocity, light candles, tweet thoughts and prayers, and studiously avoid asking the difficult questions, let alone answering them.

The warmongers who time after time have stuck their beak into affairs that are none of our business and whose collateral dead babies have fomented righteous anger in muslim countries and unleashed the whirlwind on us as a consequence.

The police whose leadership have gone from one extreme to the other over a generation or two, and are so afraid of being accused of racism that they have allowed mass child exploitation to go unchecked across the nation for decades, and for areas of our cities to become no-go-zones.

The state and its apparatchiks whose response to everything since 9/11 has been to deprive us of liberty and privacy in the name of security, who have time after time manifestly failed to provide the security they promised, while finding it extremely agreeable to take even more of our rights away as a consequence.

Frankly, all of those people should be set on fire, then driven into the sea once they have a crispy coating.

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3 thoughts on “Address the cause, not the effect..

  1. “Frankly, all of those people should be set on fire, then driven into the sea once they have a crispy coating.’

    Now then Al, don’t hang back; say what you mean without wandering round the barn!

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