“Rape” “Victim”…



What a surprise, after the idiot media faithfully reported her fanciful tale as gospel.

More on this story

She should face the full force of the law and the man who was arrested in connection with this should be compensated – by selling her organs on eBay if need be.



2 thoughts on ““Rape” “Victim”…

  1. Aha! I thought there was something amiss when the police made a follow up statement to the effect that ‘the event was now considered not to be as initially reported’…

  2. “Where there’s a blame, there’s a claim.”
    If there was any justice in the world, anyone making a false allegation of rape should be given the same sentence of someone found guilty of the offence.
    However, we are not living in the world, we are living in SJW snowflake land where woman = good, man = vicious, evil, bastard, who deserves to have his testicles ripped off by mangy dogs (female ones of course).
    Redcar Police officer: “Tell me madam, when did you realise you were raped?”
    Redcar resident: “When the cheque failed to clear.”

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