There is a theme developing in this postal voting business

… but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Let me see, now.


‘All the dodgy addresses seem to involve Bangladeshi names, and the police are terrified of investigating that community for fear of being branded racists.

Tower Hamlets

Bradford and Calderdale




two, seemingly inquisitive, Asian teenagers

a fresh crop of attackers – I guess between four and six – joined in.

In some instances there have been as many as 20 Bengali names supposedly living in two or three-bedroom flats.



"I’m here for the 6 May election. I always come during elections," says Mr Chaudhry. "It’s basically so I can tell people how to vote and who to vote for.

"Most of the Pakistanis here are from Mirpur, and I am the MP from Mirpur, and I know the issues here and who will be the best candidates to help solve the issues in Kashmir."

The tribalism of Mirpuri politics being transferred to the UK, where clans stick together and elders make decisions for the whole extended family.


I’ll pose here the same question I posed on Twatter earlier:


Any thoughts?



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