Labour will win the next election

There – I said it. Let’s have a quick run through the facts.

  • Labour need fewer votes than the Tories to win a majority.
  • Labour have built up a massive client state of public sector workers and benefits claimants that have a vested interest in the status quo.
  • Labour can come up with wizard wheezes like a wholesale clearout of the House of Lords.
  • Labour can palliate all sorts of social & economic pain until after the election.
  • Labour can initiate rescue packages for car-makers and other industries in key marginals.
  • Labour can pull a rabbit out of the hat at the Budget (scrapping the 50p rate?).
  • If Labour have damaged their core vote due to immigration, the Tories have damaged theirs ten-fold on Europe.
  • Cameron still isn’t sealing the deal. His PR is shambolic, his preparation is sub-standard, his message is indiscernible from white noise. His fire-bellied, but fact-free, performance at PMQs last week was just silly.
  • Osborne is a lightweight and an empty suit – is it any wonder Ken Clarke’s taken over as economics spokesman?
  • Since the Tories are manifestly failing to distinguish themselves, ‘better the devil you know’ will hold a lot of power with an electorate facing continued choppy economic waters.
  • People are incredibly stupid, spiteful, small-minded and short-sighted. It will take much more profound upheaval before the masses will lash back at Labour with the vigour so many of us demand.
  • Gordon Brown, whether you choose to accept this or not, has run 3 successful general election campaigns for Labour. Whatever else he is, he’s a master tactician.
  • Even the Spectator can only suggest voting for the Tories on the basis of the economic terror that 5 more years of Labour would wreak.

Ladbrokes are giving 10-1 against Labour securing an overall majority. I’ve just put a big chunk of change on it.

And if Labour lose, hey – I won’t feel too sad about the cash. If they win, though, my bet will pay for a couple of years of tax increases and inflation. Or a one way ticket to somewhere far far away. You hope.



10 thoughts on “Labour will win the next election

  1. Best hope, emigration which I have already done.

    There is an empty cage on my right at the Shanghai Zoo here, better than what you are going to have in Blighty. The bamboo is good quality too

  2. Some Tories dont want Our Dave to get a majority.After the letter I got from Dave
    expressing his total support for the socialist
    health fanaticism he can kiss the northern
    marginals ta ra.
    Last chance saloon ,Dave,change your tune
    quick or lead the wimps into the wilderness

    Non voting Blue

  3. Can’t you see it yet?
    Brown is the best man to fully dismantle Great Britain and when that has been achieved, probably by this time next year, he will then take the United Kingdom plc into a full merger, inc the euro and every EU statute there is, with the IMF backed European Union.

    It’s as clear as day. Why else do you think the Cons and the LibDems are so inept and the Labour party haven’t got rid of the Gorgon?
    If one party ran on a get out of the EU ticket I wouldn’t believe that paragraph I have just written but as it is they are all have the same message on Europe. “We cannot get out because of the Lisbon Treaty”.
    The vote is worthless, truly worthless.

  4. I hope Labour win… not because I support them – I despise them, I can’t express how much hate I feel towards Gordoom…

    BUT the Tories are no better, CMD won’t repeal the smoking ban or any other of Labour’s laws and will roll over and let the EU have their wicked way with him.

    I reckon let Labour win, let them face the horror of the financial crisis and the desperate mess they have got the country into… surely, they won’t survive a full term…?

    In the meanwhile the Tories will be in melt down after election defeat, CMD will be out and perhaps a new leader (Hannan?) elected that actually has a pair… New leader, new policies, promises on immigration and Europe…

    More pain under Labour in the short term but then they’ll be finished forever.

  5. Hannan is not a member of the UK Parliament, unfortunately. But my vote would go to his mate Carswell – seems to be very sound on most issues (particularly climate).

    Personally I won’t suffer much from spending cuts (apart from potholes in the roads) but I’ll cream my pants at the sight of Gordoom genuflecting to the IMF.

    • I won’t suffer either – I left the country seven years ago…

      Carswell would do, I nearly typed ‘anybody but CMD’ but of course there are much worse than him too…

      Still, after a mahoosive meltdown they might be ready for government in a few years…

      The thing that would make me sick to my stomach is if the Tories win with a small majority; the sight and sound of Gordoom blaming inflation and unemployment on the new government would be too much to bear…

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