Mad Hatties Tea Party

I’ve written previously about the Kafkaesque absurdity that can but follow from dear Harriet’s equality bill.

Today’s notion is no less harebrained than any of the ones previously contemplated, but it is noteworthy in any case.


Insinuating that a woman is not as strong as a man will be "unlawful sex discrimination", under the terms of the forthcoming Equality Bill.

A code of practice explaining the legal implications of the Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, states that being a woman is "a protected characteristic".

I think we only need to compare world records held by men and women to conclude unequivocally that men are, typically, physically stronger than women. In future, am I to be in breach if the law simply by stating this self-evident truth?




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3 Responses to Mad Hatties Tea Party

  1. Ray says:

    So if you advise them that they should lift a lower weight, you get done under this new law. But if you don’t advise them so, you get done for negligence (or whatever) when they strain something. And you can’t bar them from the gym.

    It is a (set of) policies designed to make those declared as ‘protected’ (e.g. women) hated by proxy for all the trouble they cause merely by being women.

  2. JuliaM says:

    “Insinuating that a woman is not as strong as a man…”

    So when I ask a bloke in the office to twist a particularly recalcitrant bottle top off for me, I can look forward to the look of frozen terror on his face as he contemplates prosecution for acceding to the request?

    Or, on second thoughts, will that be grounds to prosecute me?

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