Political Odds Shorten on Glenrothes and US Presidency

Further to my earlier musing on political betting odds (courtesy of the Political Betting Blog), it now seems that the odds against Labour taking the Glenrothes by-election on Nov 6th have shortened considerably, from 7/4 to 5/6 – level pegging with SNP whose odds have lengthened accordingly. Only Betfair seem to be offering a different take.


More intriguing is the betting on McCain, on whom I put a pony last weekend at 17/2 against. Centrebet, who offered 17/2 are now offering 5/1, while only Ladbrokes are still offering anything like a decent price on McCain.


Fingers crossed. Come on Grandad Chip.

I didn’t put any money on Labour to take Glenrothes, back when 7/4 was on the cards. Even though it would have been sweet to make some money out of those bastards, I couldn’t even stand the thought of cheering were they to succeed.



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