F**kwit coppers in priorities mix-up

As is frequently the case, I’m obliged to Ambush Predator for supplying my daily piss-boiler.


A PUZZLED poppy seller from Weymouth has spoken of her shock after being told to pack up and go home by police.

Jan Hinton, 51, has been visiting homes collecting for the Royal British Legion in Littlemoor for the last decade.

She was left stunned when police warned her to stop selling poppies after dark and to stop collecting around Hallowe’en.

Mrs Hinton and poppy partner Charlotte Warren-Sinclaire, 16, were visiting properties in Honeysuckle Close when they were approached.

“The officers said they had received reports of suspicious callers,” she said.

“We understand they have to answer all calls so we showed them our identification badges, our tins and our poppy trays.

“We even had certificates from our Royal British Legion area representative, but it didn’t seem to matter.

“They just told us to stop. They told us not to collect after dark and not to collect this week because it’s Hallowe’en.

“They said if we carried on they’d pull the plug on the Royal British Legion doing house-to-house collections.

A Dorset Police spokesman said: “We received a call from a member of the public that we followed up.

“Many people, particularly the elderly, are genuinely worried about bogus callers and we encourage them to notify police if they are concerned.

“I cannot comment on what the officers said but we were quite satisfied that it was nothing untoward. We do not have any problem whatsoever with legitimate collecting of this kind.”

Perhaps another indication of the simple-minded, rules-driven, PC policing we’re PAYING for. Don’t forget that this is how stupid actual proper policemen are. Think about that when you next read about Jacqui Smith’s proposals to give the Numpty Branch (Community Support Officers) a whole bunch of new powers they can wield in their brainless, petty-minded, vindictive and spineless way.



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