Money where mouth is time…

Further to this post, where I pondered upon how reflective the polls and odds truly are in the McCain/Obama contest, I’ve had another look at the polling and put a bet on.

While PaddyPower are now giving 11/2 against McCain, Centrebet are giving 17/2 against, so I put £25 on McCain.

So, on 5th November, I’ll either be drinking corporation pop and eating beans-on-toast, or it’ll be a bottle of Bollinger and a caviar pizza. Which I think neatly analogises our likely futures with these potential world leaders.

5th of November will, coincidentally, be the day of Old Holborn’s little stroll around Westminster. Must tune into the webcam.

On 6th November, however, I’ll be poised with the ice bucket for the result of the Glenrothes by-election, where Labour are expected to be paggered. (SNP 2/5, LAB 7/4 but shortening).



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