Toby Young is Wrong. Again…

Not quite as open-and-shut a case as it was yesterday with Beardy, but solid nevertheless.

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I think the sceptics have to accept some responsibility for their failings. Common sense dictates that if you confine most people to their homes then infections will start to fall, so if we’re going to persuade people that lockdowns don’t work we need a compelling theory as to why that hypothesis is false. We never came up with one. We also got a lot of things wrong at the beginning, such as saying there wouldn’t be a second wave and, when the second wave was upon us, claiming it was a ‘casedemic’ not an epidemic. I don’t think we got more things wrong than the enthusiasts —take their prediction that daily infections would rise to 100,000 after ‘freedom day’, for instance — but given that we were arguing against the prevailing wisdom we couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. In retrospect, I wish I’d been more cautious.

More cautious, Toby? Really? Have you even listened to any of your podcasts with Delingpole? Do you remember re-jigging the forums and comments on your website so as to exclude those given to stridency and invective? You know, like the MSM does, and like an establishment lefty would?

The reason lockdown sceptics failed is really simple. It was, from the get go, a coalition of the damned.

Oh sure, we had the hard-headed rational empiricists – amongst whom I count myself.

But then we had the nutters. Oodles of them. 5G, nanobots, graphene-oxide, magnets, Joe Mercola, David Icke, homeopathy and horoscopes were their primary pre-occupations.

Naturally, I called this very early on, but I have to admit that, against my better judgement, having been unable to persuade the sceptic community of this principle I backed down on my insistence that the resistance not be polluted by the preponderance of magical thinkers. They were the dogshit in the yoghurt. The argument was that we needed numbers in order to gain momentum and we were in no position to be choosy. In retrospect it was a huge mistake to aquiesce to this self-interested assertion.

The fact of the matter is that every intelligent person of my acquaintance whom I attempted to persuade that lockdowns, masks, furlough, tests, vaccines and mandates were all scientifically unsound simply dismissed my points on the basis that these things were conspiracies. This in-spite of the fact that I was using official primary sources for all of my supporting data and information: governments of the UK, USA, EU, the WHO, the UN, esteemed professors from top-tier universities.

None of it mattered because I was seen as adjacent to people who plainly were – and still are – conspiracy nutters. These people may as well think I have a room in my house with a wall full of map pins, string and newspaper cuttings. It’s because of this that primary facts could not even get a hearing.

Sadly, I suspect this is unavoidable, and I’m left to ponder how things could have been different, but I expect that in a random sample, the CNs outnumber the rational empiricists by a factor of 5 or 10.

I have to admit it’s not a lot of fun being in a rational minority of a dissident minority, but I expect history would be littered with similar examples if the dissident minority had ever got the opportunity to write the history. That doesn’t happen very often at all.



2 thoughts on “Toby Young is Wrong. Again…

  1. I couldn’t disagree with anything you say here, but at this stage I’ll stand alongside anyone who is opposed to restrictions on our freedoms, regardless of their opinions on other matters. Like you, I’ve been cringing and groaning from day one at the lunacy being spouted. However, it’s important to note that while ‘our’ nutters largely inhabit comment threads where they screech impotently, ‘their’ nutters are running the country.

    • The ‘solidarity’ position promises as yet (possibly indefinitely) unrealised gains. The downsides have already made themselves painfully evident to me. I kept my counsel for 18 months on this, and paid a price.

      There’s simply no path to victory here that involves these numpties, unless we wait until the approprate time then very publically throw them under the bus. Personally I’m not given to those sort of double-dealings.

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