Dear The Queen…

While you are ensconced in your castle, with your huge staff of helpmeets, lickspittles and healthcare professionals, I’m very sorry, but you have nothing to say to us.

While you have your massive grounds and your horses to ride, no-one who lives in a shoebox flat in London or any other city wants to hear your tedious platitudes – even if they did, they’d not be able to hear you over the sound of coppers with bullhorns barking orders at them to disperse and return to their pokey abodes.

We won’t forget that what you refer to as ‘my government’ is threatening to withdraw our outdoor exercise ‘privileges’ completely, at the same time as which there are still flights landing here from China, Italy, Spain and America, disgorging people who will be able to sally forth into the country without testing or hindrance.

Unless you plan to sell off your castles, or house people in them who are facing sudden poverty and homelessness as as result of your government’s hysterical response to one (soon to be) discredited scientist, you would do well to keep a low profile.

Otherwise, it’ll be time to call for President Farage to step up to the plate, and it’ll be Orf With Your Head. Now hush up, Liz.

The Peasants.

5 thoughts on “Dear The Queen…

  1. I looked through the Heathrow arrivals for Friday/Saturday (and counted them all) . It’s pretty astounding to see what’s happening.

    293 flights were allowed in on those days from the top ten countries with confirmed cases of the virus, a combined total of 718,726 cases (as of Friday). 118 flights were from the USA with 30 of those from New York. There were 27 from Spain, 17 from Italy, 36 from France and 23 from Germany among the total. On Friday we even had 3 flights land from China! They can’t all be repatriation flights.

    Someone needs to explain why we are suffering a lock down and why our border remains open to all and sundry. That someone needs to explain why pdq and then all those responsible can have their heads on spikes.

    • I think a point will come where Priti Patel’s view on this will be accomodated, if only as a PR exercise to mollify us as they tighten the screws on us further.

      It’ll be far too late to have a meaningful impact, but…

    • To be fair, I think a lot of those flights are multiple flight numbers stacked on single actual flights… certainly that number doesn’t correspond to the number of planes that went over here. Nonetheless the point stands firmly.

  2. But Eurostar is also still running – with now apparent restrictions from Europe to UK, but the other way…

    Changes to entry into France and Belgium – Travel restrictions to the EU
    Following the French Government’s decision to tighten border controls due to coronavirus, further travel restrictions have been introduced with immediate effect. These mean that passengers will only be allowed to cross the border into Europe if they are:

    1)EU citizens of mainland continental Europe returning home to their main residence
    2)UK & Non-EU citizens with a residency permit in an EU country
    3)Essential workers – please check with your consulate if you think you might fall into this category

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