Forbidden statements of the bleeding obvious

From time to time, a news story comes along that is simple and clear, both in the events reported upon and in the official response.

It covers a vast panoply of the things that we are not supposed to talk about, but which are clear, obvious problems with our society’s direction of travel and the treasonous leadership we labour under.

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Attacks on police officers are increasing because criminals are no longer scared of the police, it was claimed yesterday after a constable was stabbed repeatedly with a machete.

The 28-year-old officer was seriously ill in hospital last night with head injuries after a routine vehicle stop in the early hours of yesterday. He had pulled over a van driver suspected of having no insurance, Scotland Yard said. Despite being stabbed he used his Taser to incapacitate his attacker before the man was arrested.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Tucker, head of the injured officer’s unit, said that the attack was a “symptom of people having less fear of the police”. He said: “It’s shocking, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon. I’ve been in police for a long time — there’s certainly a sense of a lack of respect, not just for police but for authority.”

Well, I wonder why that is. I wonder why the criminally minded feel so free and entitled to go about their business with impunity.

When the police are hellbent on recruiting dwarven women with a sexual preference for chocolate eclairs, when there are extra points for every protected identity characteristic they possess, and any idea of a required standard of physical fitness and resilience is utterly unthinkable.

When they have an expressed requirement for graduates in gender studies from the University of Scunthorpe, who will all be fast-tracked away from the frontline and into the Twitter team as soon as possible, lest they stub a toe or get sexually assaulted by the vending machine and sue the police force into taxpayer-funded oblivion.

When it is ‘a good thing’ that coppers preoccupy themselves with an embarrassing enthusiasm for Pride marches, and skateboard with the delusional middle-class dipshits paralysing our cities in the name of their latest cretinous crusade against civilisation.

When in the name of community cohesion, the police dance enthusiastically with the orcs at the annual jungle drum and street robbery festival.

When a chief policeman locks himself in his car and runs away, while one of his officers is being butchered metres away by a lunatic.

When another chief policeman – the chief of counterterrorism no less – says that people who come to this country should not assimilate; that to assimilate is to somehow subjugate yourself. The rest of what this guy says is worth a post in its own right.

Mr Basu told The Guardian: ‘Nothing I am saying remotely excuses these heinous acts of criminal violence.

‘But the deeper causes need examining. My teams are world class at stopping attacks and locking terrorists up. But we need to stop the flow of recruits into terrorism.

‘Don’t forget that 70%-80% of the people we arrest, disrupt or commit an attack here, are born and raised here. Born or at least raised here. That has got to tell us something about our society.

Oh it does tell us something about ‘our society’ as you so presumptuously call it. It just doesn’t tell us what you would very much like it to tell us.

‘I want good academics, good sociologists, good criminologists … to be telling us exactly why that is.’

I don’t think we need any more input from the academics, sociologists or criminologists to tell us how they got us into this sorry state. And if you do, Officer Basu, you are as dense as shit after a month on morphine, you fucking spastic.

Last night Muhammed Rodwan, 56, from Luton, Bedfordshire, was charged with attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon in connection with the attack.

We are indiscriminately importing stone-age simian warriors from Machetetania and a heavenly-ordained suicide squad from Ragheadistan, and expecting them to spontaneously start wearing tweeds, playing Bridge and having cream teas at the village hall within the week.

To question any of this at all is beyond the pale, so you might wonder why I write in such charged and inflammatory terms about this matter. Well, it’s because ‘sensible heads’ have been voicing their carefully considered concerns in measured tones for more than 20 years now, and at best they have been ignored or ridiculed and worst had their careers ruined and their liberty curtailed. But every concern they voiced has been realised in spades, and the thick end of the wedge is holding our national arsecrack wide open. So we may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.


Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 11.47.19

It’s all a fallacy, you see…

But don’t worry. All is not lost. Did you forget? BORIS IS PRIME MINISTER! He’ll make all this better, you mark my words.

Boris Johnson said: “What this underscores for me is the bravery of our police. People who actually go towards danger to keep us safe. Our sympathies are with the officer and his family.”


Enjoy the fucking decline.



3 thoughts on “Forbidden statements of the bleeding obvious

  1. My last encounter with the police was when they stiffed me for £100 for being briefly 5mph over the speed limit on a straight empty road in a place where there has been a total of zero accidents since such things were recorded.

    Not to worry, I commute by cycle during the summer and normally put away my bike for the winter. Last winter I carried on cycling because every time that I leave the car at home it costs the government £2 in fuel duty. Ten weeks later I had my £100 back.

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