International Uppity Marxist Bints’ Day…

Yep, it’s coming around again, and the portion of womankind who engage in this sort of moaning shite are more uppity than ever.



What is it these women want exactly? We have:

      • A female British Prime Minister
      • A female First Minister of Scotland
      • We may still end up with a female First Minister of Northern Ireland continuing in post too even though the power-sharing government collapsed because she’s corrupt and incompetent.
      • A female Home Secretary
      • A female Justice Secretary
      • Women running the departments of Education, International Development, DEFRA, Culture Media & Sport
      • A female Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
      • A justice system that is biased towards women, both in the family courts, and in the sentencing for criminal convictions.
      • A female head of state for more than 65 years
      • A woman has been Chancellor of Germany – the most powerful EU country – for 11 years
      • There was almost a female President of the USA, were it not for the fact she is a ghastly, corrupt, machine politician of the worst kind. I mean, how bad do you have to be to be beaten by Trump?
      • I work for a global company where the UK CEO is a woman, and the exec director of my division is a woman. My MP is a woman. My GP is a woman.

We also have a lot of women who – much to the disgust of the uppity brigade – don’t want any such powerful position that takes over your life. They want a family, and time to enjoy that family. This, by the way, accounts for the so-called gender pay gap. Women outperform men in earnings until the point at which they start to have children, when their priorities change dramatically, and the men who are fathering these children double-down on their efforts to achieve financial success and security for their families.

So what is it they’re “Being Bold for Change” about, with their hashtags and marches? Well, all kinds of redundant shit actually. They’re busily campaigning for e.g. women to become software developers.  They’re silent, however, on the domination by women of professions such as teaching, and on the apparently voluntary marginalisation of women in the fields of mining, refuse collection, farming, construction. I wonder why.

And, predictably enough, something they’re conspicuously NOT campaigning for is equality and emancipation for women in the Islamic world, or for the rights of women and girls in Germany, Sweden, Britain, France and elsewhere to remain unmolested by Muslim immigrants and refugees.

Anyway, in the spirit of taking a leaf of of the book of these leftist charlatans, here are some cuckpanies that are supporting this crap.


Join me in boycotting these organisations – AECOM, Avon, BP, Caterpillar, EBRD, EY, F5, MetLife, Pepsico, Vodafone and Western Union – that will evidently use the proceeds of anything you buy from them to further the goals of this dreadful basket of leftist imbeciles. Most of this will be easy, but I’ll have to somehow learn to live without products from Avon. Pray for me.

In other news, I was trying to make sense of the IWD logo…


…and it struck me. It’s an ouroboros. The serpent that eats itself.

Image result for Ouroboros

Given the distinctly female trait of back-biting and turning on their own, this makes a great deal more sense than anything else on their website.


PS In case you’ve any interest in lowering yourself to their level, tucking your tackle between your legs and wishing for the men to have their own international day of pathetic self-pity, International Men’s Day is 19th November


2 thoughts on “International Uppity Marxist Bints’ Day…

  1. I agree wholly with your sentiments, although Mr Carwen Jones, the First Minister for Wales might object to your second point

  2. Given how left wing these sorts of people are, if you really want to see serious levels of confliction and angst, bring up the knotty subject of sexual equality in politics. The left wing parties apparently pride themselves on high levels of equality, which apparently doesn’t extend to the top job.

    Maggie Thatcher and Theresa May. Both Tory prime ministers.

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