Mastermind Stitch-up

I don’t often post about anything so trivial, but really? The Mastermind final?

A woman who got 12 points in the 1st round (mid-table). A man who got 15 points in the 1st round (top scorer).

After the general knowledge, this woman was on 29, while the bloke managed 26.

For 4 of the 6 other finalists, I probably got about 30% of their general knowledge questions. For matey I got >50%. For the “winner”’s questions I got 16/17. So did the OH.

So I surmise that this Mastermind final was a total stitch-up. To get 17 points from 2.5mins of general knowledge in the final is absurd. Short, easy questions for one contestant out of 6.

This woman has won Mastermind on her 4th attempt, having made it to the semi-finals 3 times, so I’m not saying she’s a dummy by any stretch, but really… Not a moral victory. It was a gift, and it stinks to high heaven.



4 thoughts on “Mastermind Stitch-up

  1. I watched the final last night and thinking back you might well have a point. I wasn’t paying that much attention and I’d had a couple of pints after work but I did get a lot of her questions right. Were the questions shorter an easier? I’d probably have to go back and watch it again on replayer. Interesting but unsurprising if true…I really don’t trust the BBC.

  2. A good point. I have long had suspicions about Mastermind. How long is each question? I have always wanted a comedy duo to do a sketch where one contestant gets a series of short questions where every answer is “Pass,” and the other has one question that rambles on to the beep – “I’ve started so I’ll finish.”

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