An historic and dreadful day today.

A woman dead. A man in custody. A family in pieces. A bunch of agenda-driven scavengers making hay.

When her name came to my attention today, in trying to put aside the cynical thoughts about politicians that would shame me if they were voiced at this time, I looked at who she was and how she conducted herself.

I doubt that Jo Cox MP and I could have found much to agree on, in the unlikely event we found ourselves in discussion even on Twitter, in terms of our ideological backgrounds and beliefs.

Nevertheless, all I found (before even the most sharp and cynical message-management wallah could have shuttered any negative aspect she may have ever revealed) was the sort of public servant we should all wish for. Shrewd, intelligent, worldly, balanced, driven and passionate.

From what I could see, this woman conducted herself extremely well. A wife, mother and a dedicated and accessible MP, with a remarkable track record in the voluntary and charity sectors, and as an up-and-coming conviction politician, the likes of which are all too rare across the political spectrum. No quarter given, all in pursuit of her well-informed sense of fairness and humanity.

While the establishment politicians of our generation are finding new ways to make the best of MPs’ expense arrangements after the justified pillorying of the last decade, this MP lived on a houseboat on the waters of London with her husband. This option is as bohemian as it is humble, work-intensive and necessary to the un-monied who wish to set up home in the capital city.

Her death is tragic and senseless & I feel awfully sad for her husband and children.

Terrible shame on all those, wherever they are in the world or the political spectrum, who use it for point-scoring, whether they be for or against Brexit, feminism, mental health provision or whatever else.



One thought on “RIP Jo Cox MP

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, she seemed to be an ideal MP despite any disagreement I would have with her stance.

    And Blair still lives.

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