So-called Caitlyn Jenner, Stunning and Brave Islamic State…

Islamic State call themselves Islamic State. That’s how they – to use the parlance of the day – self-identify.

Caitlyn Jenner calls “herself” Caitlyn Jenner. For nearly 66 years this same individual called himself Bruce Jenner – including when he won an Olympic Gold medal. Nevertheless, “she” now self-identifies as Caitlyn.

The BBC (amongst others, including our pasty, pan-faced Prime Minister) insist on referring to I.S. as “So-called” Islamic State, irrespective of how they self-identify.

Meanwhile, no such disrespect towards self-inflicted genital mutilation fan, fatal car-crash enthusiast and global attention whore Caitlyn Jenner. On the contrary, Caitlyn is “stunning and brave

Well, look.

Either it’s So-called Islamic State AND so-called Caitlyn Jenner, or both Islamic State and Caitlyn Jenner are stunning and brave.

Choose one, or fuck off.



3 thoughts on “So-called Caitlyn Jenner, Stunning and Brave Islamic State…

  1. “self-inflicted genital mutilation fan”

    Actually, since Bruce, the 66 yr old father of 6 with three different women, hasn’t – as far as I can tell – had his bits lopped off, I’m dubious to the veracity of that statement…

    • I don’t think he/she has had his bits lopped off, he simply pushes them to one side and squashes them down with a bit of tape which he applies with some care. The male genitalia is extremely plastic and consequently can be deformed into a flattened shape with ease and a little eye watering. Apparently, Arse book recognises 50 genders these days- we certainly live in wondrous times.

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