War Forecast…

It is but a handful of days since I mentioned Cameron and war

I’m pretty sure that it’s only by a matter of circumstance (and an accidental Commons defeat),  that Cameron hasn’t gone full Tony Blair in his foreign adventuring by proxy.

Well, lo and fucking behold..

At the weekend, there were rumblings about our apparent current involvement in bombing Syria, as an ‘embedded force’ – i.e. as lackeys of the USA – and allegations that he lied to parliament about the whole grubby business.

I have to admit – as should be obvious from what I wrote last week – that I had no idea this was going on, and frankly it’s pretty fucking abysmal, after parliament voted against military action in Syria last time they were asked.

Now that Osborne’s budget has promised a boost in military funding, Cameron wants to spend the money on more drones, spy planes and special forces. The latter in complete contradiction to a statement today by the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, who said:

‘I think putting ground troops into Iraq or Syria would help the ISIL narrative.

‘It would help further radicialise its potential supporters by showing it was foreign armies being sent to deal with ISIL.’

So Fallon seems to ‘get it’. Kind of. ‘It’ being the fact that our actions and presence in the region can very easily be counterproductive.

So, if there should be no boots on the ground, but Cameron is to spend money on Special Forces, what the fuck is he going to buy them? Crocs? Brogues? Stilettos?

Cameron gave a ‘big speech’ today (transcript here), in which he took one step forward and several steps back.

The one step forward was that in a rare break from his usual claptrap about “nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace,” he finally confronted the matter of Islamism – albeit with a series of evasions and a great deal of hand-wringing.

The steps back are myriad. In defiance of all of the evidence of our eyes, he craps on about the wonders of diversity

Over generations, we have built something extraordinary in Britain – a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy. It’s open, diverse, welcoming – these characteristics are as British as queuing and talking about the weather.

It is here in Britain where success is achieved not in spite of our diversity, but because of our diversity.

Well, Mr Cameron, a lot of people disagree with you. Some of those people voted UKIP, and others didn’t vote at all. None of them voted for you apart from the diehard octogenarians who couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

He also managed to ask a series of questions that should leave anyone abreast with Government curtailments of freedom utterly aghast. For example:

How can it be that after the tragic events at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, weeks were spent discussing the limits of free speech and satire, rather than whether terrorists should be executing people full stop?

It’s because as I illustrated previously with the help of this image from politicalcompass.org, there is no political party in the UK seriously committed to classical liberal ideas such as freedom of expression and conscience. What we have is a consensus between the progressives and the soft right authoritarians that freedom of speech should be mitigated and circumscribed, You know, like when people say “I believe in freedom of speech, but…”


You either believe in free speech or you don’t. No grey areas that can be crept into by over-reaching legislators, egged on by the perpetually offended, psychologically compromised simpletons that rabidly police speech on social media. To say nothing, of course, of the police themselves.


His package of measures include a whole range of thought-policing, and curbs on freedom of speech and conscience, that are bound to reach places no-one in parliament will ever supposedly intend. More on this theme by Brendan O’Neil here.

This next quote, though. highlights the core problem with Cameron’s entire performance today:

No-one becomes a terrorist from a standing start. It starts with a process of radicalisation. When you look in detail at the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were first influenced by what some would call non-violent extremists.

It may begin with hearing about the so-called Jewish conspiracy and then develop into hostility to the West and fundamental liberal values, before finally becoming a cultish attachment to death. Put another way, the extremist world view is the gateway, and violence is the ultimate destination.

The biggest pachyderm on the promenade, then, is that Cameron completely fails to acknowledge that the UK’s history of meddling in the Middle East, and our consistent ‘embeddedness’ with US forces has been and could still be a contributory factor to the whirlwind we have been reaping for the last decade or so.

The Jewish conspiracy? Do fuck off.

At no point does he concede that ISIS are comprised largely of the Iraqi army that was disbanded after the fall of Baghdad, thanks to no-one in the UK or US seriously considering what would happen after Saddam fell, and what ought to be done about it.

At no point does he concede that the bombing of Libya and the fall of Gadhafi has contributed to the problems on the Levant. In fact, he’s now on the lookout for a pretence on which to bomb Libya again.

Not a word about Afghanistan, either. Or Israel for that matter.

It’s just fucking insane. Because he cannot or will not control the UK’s borders, he wants to kill people 3000 miles away, using indiscriminate air strikes that will inevitably involve many civilian casualties, rending more families asunder and sowing the seeds of another generation of pretty well justified and very personal hatred for the West within Middle Eastern and North African cultures.

He. Just. Doesn’t. Get. It. Or maybe he does, and he doesn’t give a shit.

He said recently that he wanted to eliminate the “gender pay gap” by the time his daughters are grown up. Well, Prime Minister, I’m pretty sure that male and female frontline troops get the same pay for the same work, so how about your daughters sign up as infantry, and then you can crack on, you fucking cunt.

So there we are. Cameron is setting the scene to go Full Blair. Who didn’t see that coming?

Non-specific disembodied sky pixie, help us all. Rid us of these monstrous fuckers once and for all. And I’m not talking about the Muslims.


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