Corbyn, the anti-war candidate…

Last night there was a Labour leadership hustings hosted, amusingly enough, by the Jewish Community Centre in London.

I didn’t watch it – I had to pull out my own eyeballs with a rusty crocodile clip instead – but in light of what I wrote yesterday, I wanted to see if a prediction I made to myself and my other half, albeit not on the blog, was going to come true.

The prediction was that if there was a question about attacking Syria or Libya, Corbyn would be the only one who would be unequivocally against military action.

And lo, it seems I was correct.


As I said the other day,

While Labour might be awash with anti-war types, it’ll only take another centre-ground pragmatist at the Labour helm – i.e. someone electable – to rub out that line in the sand.

So, now that Cameron’s going all Blair on us, and the 3 other leadership candidates are refusing to rule out supporting military action, this leaves anti-war types in the membership (of whom there are a great many) with nowhere to go but Corbyn, if they want a cast iron guarantee that Labour will not support more misguided middle-eastern adventures.

And that’s good news for anyone who wants to see Corbyn take the Labour leadership.

In related news, Rod Liddle seems to be on my wavelength in The Spectator.


I suppose I should cease carping. We got a Blue Labour budget (except for the ludicrous stuff on inheritance tax), and far better than anything we would have got under my party, Labour. And at least the Prime Minister is addressing the issue of Islamic ‘extremism’. Yes, I suppose, I would concur that taking away the passports from juvenile wannabe jihadis is a good idea. Just about. A horrible part of me thinks they should be taken away once they have left the country, though. Certainly that should apply to the adults. Encourage them to go, then nullify their passports.

Read on…

Liddle is my favourite lefty by a million miles.



1) Corbyn ahead in Times/YouGov poll.



2) Blair weighs in…



3) Ladbrokes have shortened the odds on Corbyn again, to 2/1…



I put money on Corbyn at 25/1

Get in!


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