… and also no shit, Sherlock!


The Transport Select Committee has warned the Government against neglecting the road network as it invests money in high speed rail.

According to the Committee, Britain has one of the lowest motorway densities in Western Europe, putting the country at an economic disadvantage.

“The remedy for this should include some initiatives to construct and upgrade motorways” the Committee said.

And who could possibly argue that this has been true for at least 13 years – every since Labour binned the whole road building programme in 1997?

Its findings enraged environmentalists who have called on the Government to cut road spending and divert the money to rail and public transport

Yes – a couple of dozen hatchet faced cunts who live a rarefied life that doesn’t in any way rely on car use, allied to…

The Committee’s call for more road building was condemned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

… a bunch of poe-faced Express reading NIMBY coffin-dodgers.

Well, I have enough faith in the British public (more fool me perhaps) to believe that they’ve had enough of their lives being stymied, their time being stolen their pockets being picked on account of fucking environmentalists and their retarded utopian schemes.

So, all being well, they’ll join me in handing said environimboids a nice big cup of shut the fuck up.




One thought on “Hurrah

  1. Yes, a rare outbreak of common sense in Westminster. But where’s the money coming from, given that the economy’s fucked? After the election, whoever wins will be cancelling most of the few road projects on the go anyway.

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