More Tory Foot Shootage

Via Man Widdicombe, I see the small brewer is going to be molested by Dave’s minions. His message resonates loudly with me, as I also have a very good Tory MP who has sadly lost my vote.

I’ve got a lot of time for Nick Herbert MP and his team. Over the last few years I’ve found them responsive to an occasional email and there’s even been a small change on the roads of Steyning that I asked for and he made happen. It’s a matter of considerable regret that I don’t feel able to support him at the next election because of the leadership of his party.

And why not, Mr Uppity Small Business Man?

A few days ago, Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary made some ill thought out comments on alcohol labeling.


What I find really annoying about this paper is the use of the word ‘we’. The truth is that no one in the new government will lift a finger to do any of this, the unpaid labour will be performed by me personally as I go though our labels to meet new requirements and the final bill for the calorie analysis will end up on the price of a pint along with the inevitable duty rises of 2010.

Yes – Tory pledges translating directly into extra work and hassle for no reward, but the menace of regulators and court.

So The Tories are time thieves too.

Another reason not to vote for the Tories. They really are working quite hard at it.

They are indeed. Useless fucks.



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