Questions for Sajid Javid…

The damage the vaccine-free are doing to society.

Sajid Javid, yesterday.

Tell me, Mr Health Secretary.

Was it the unvaccinated who discharged tens of thousands of elderly patients into care homes without regard for the possibility that they had covid – a primarily nosicomial disease?

Did we also put restrictions in place that resulted in an elderly couple who had been married for 63 years being kept apart from one another for more than 3 months, during which time they could only wonder if they would ever see one another again?

Perhaps we physically prevented grieving people from comforting one another at their relatives funerals?

Or maybe we cancelled hundreds of thousands of cancer screenings and other health screenings?

Could we have been the ones who ordered all dentists to close shop, completely disregarding the urgent needs of people in a great deal of pain with dental issues?

Maybe we closed the schools and caused the education of a whole generation of children to fall into disarray?

Maybe we are to blame for the hundred thousand children who have now disappeared from the system completely, into who knows what?

Perhaps we introduced the restrictions that lead to a huge surge in demand for help from domestic abuse charities?

Perhaps we prevented millions of people in already tenuous circumstances from opening their business or earning a living?

Perhaps we are they who flagrantly and repeatedly flouted our own rules? Or am I thinking of Neil Ferguson (1), Matt Hancock (2), Dominic Cummings (3). Allegra Stratton (4), Boris Johnson et al (5)?

Perhaps we printed hundreds of billions of pounds which was pumped into the economy, a great deal of which was claimed fraudulently and then written off? Therefore we must be responsible for burgeoning inflation, the likes of which we haven’t seen for a generation or more, eroding savings and investments, squeezing the poor and elderly on fixed incomes? Are we also the ones adding insult to injury by imposing the highest rates of tax seen the UK for more than 40 years?

Of course, it was also the unvaccinated who conspired with behavioural psychologists (including an out and proud communist) to plunge the UK population into a protracted bout of fear-driven mass psychosis.

I think the conclusion I’m coming to – after much deliberation – is that Sajid Javid is a vile and disgusting piece of shit, who should be fired into the fucking sun with a size 12 boot up his arsehole.



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