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Terrible shame, what?



3 thoughts on “Byeeee!

  1. Oh No! Say it isn’t so! How will we ever survive without a pack of ululating savages and child rapists, forever on a hair trigger about blowing up or stabbing anyone not exactly like them! Not to mention the women dressed in bin liners and the supposed ‘community leaders’ continuously whining about the harshness of the world and how we must cherish them and their seventh century ways.

  2. In the Metro article about this the Muzzie who was interviewed said he was thinking about moving to Canada or NZ.
    Despite 49 majority Muzzie countries they still want to live among the white, western people they despise.

  3. Many probably thought they could dilute British culture so it’d become more to their liking. But we’re a resilient nation, quick to welcome outsiders, but slow to adopt their ways. So, if the rejection of Marxism on Thursday has upset them, they are free to leave (unlike some in their countries of origin).

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