Perhaps if the northerners weren’t so fixated on the south and “Tory scum”, they’d notice that if there’s anyone they should be pissed off with it’s their own light-fingered socialist neighbours…





About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

2 Responses to Solidarity…

  1. Andrew S. Mooney says:

    AJ – Hebden Bridge and the Calder Valley are full of Hippies and Lesbians. It is one of the north’s original such communities. They are also not what you could describe as leftie northerners, more greens and liberal democrats, due to property prices and proximity to Leeds and Manchester.

    Don’t feel sad., their property has been merely been liberated for use by the broader community. A bit of honest freecycling once the loss adjuster has been around….

  2. thylacosmilus says:

    This is why, when the police tell you that you need to evacuate, so many people refuse to go.

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