Offendotrons of the Day

I despair.

Thousands being killed by a morally and financially bankrupt NHS.

Thousands of children being abused by Muslim grooming gangs.

Access to justice is being denied thanks to MOJ reforms.

The boundaries of liberty and privacy are being perpetually eroded.

But what do people get their knickers in a twist about? A poor attempt at humour in a fucking Christmas card. That’s what.


Here’s the text…

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With thanks to ITV News. I’d like to namecheck the following tedious, pucker-faced, offendotron tossers:






I hope they have a tedious, miserable smug winter holiday, the smug censorious cunts.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

5 Responses to Offendotrons of the Day

  1. “I wanna braan baby, like all the other Mums on the estate!”. Ban Harry Enfield DVDs right now!

  2. Woods42 says:

    Your ire should perhaps be directed at the people who caved in and withdrew it from sale as much as the bansturbators?

  3. farenheit211 says:

    I looked at the profiles for the offendotrons and bloody hell do they look like a bunch of miserable censorious cockwombles. I’d hate to be stuck in a pub with them or worse a lift because at least in a pub I could get drunk and dull the sanctimonious cretin-ery emanating from their gobs.

    • tedtreen says:

      You could say you find them offensive so would they please withdraw* themselves from public observance.

      *Withdraw – what their fathers should have done, approx 9 months prior to their birth

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