Why won’t anyone just tell the offendotrons to fuck off?

Tim Stanley seems to have woken up from a decade-long coma today, as he writes to point out the utter humourlessness and complete lack of proportionality  belonging to the offence-seeking community.


Some of us have been noticing this state of affairs for a very long time now. It isn’t a new phenomenon. Perhaps it’s just that it’s now so pervasive as to impact on the most indifferent of souls.

The more battles these offense-seeking wasters win, the more their power grows.

The title of this post tells you what it is that’s baffling me about this whole phenomenon: Why do people capitulate to these idiots? Why do we see people bullied, time after time, into making tearful apologies at the feet of these pieces of shit?

Why don’t people just tell them to get a life and get a sense of proportion?

Fucked if I know.



2 thoughts on “Why won’t anyone just tell the offendotrons to fuck off?

  1. “Why don’t people just tell them to get a life and get a sense of proportion ?”

    I’m sure Matt Taylor is a perfectly inoffensive ‘nice guy’. He probably thinks that all women are great – like fluffy bunnies: indeed, one of these wonderful beings made a lovely shirt for him which he decided to wear on his big day. He simply couldn’t imagine that a Feminist shitstorm would descend on him, it didn’t compute with his image of women as lovely, kind, sympathetic creatures, so naturally he suffered a mini breakdown.
    In future he’ll make up for it by being extra nice towards women. He might even resign so that a woman can have his job instead.

  2. It is also possible that he was put under pressure to make the tearful apology on TV. ‘You have to appear very very contrite, or the job you love is at risk’

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