So there is justice after all, eh?

Sometimes anyway.

A woman who made a false rape allegation that led to an innocent man being arrested has been jailed for 18 months after she admitted perverting justice.


Rosanne England, 21, tore her underwear and scratched her face before telling police that a stranger had entered her house in Holbury near Southampton. She told officers that he had asked to use her phone and toilet but then attacked her, Winchester Crown Court heard. She gave police a detailed description and officers launched a manhunt. Derek Cummings, 59, a married father of two teenage daughters who was at a social club nearby, fitted the description and could not offer an alibi. He was detained for 28 hours but was exonerated by forensic evidence.

Sadly, this could easily be used to spin the benefits of DNA evidence.

The court heard England suffered mental health problems.

I’m not bleeding surprised, being run into the ground by a bunch of reckless porridge spewers. Oh.. I see.. they meant Rosanne England.

It seems vanishingly rare that men who are falsely accused of rape get to see justice done. And, I’m not a fan of the powers that be ‘sending a message’ or making an example of someone, but if this makes one or two crazy bitches stop and think, then WIN!


2 thoughts on “So there is justice after all, eh?

  1. I’d be wary of saying justice was done here – there seems to have been no good reason for him to have been arrested in the first place, other than the fact he had:

    a) male genitalia, and
    b) no alibi

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