Stuff today…

Ian Parker-Joseph, head of the UK Libertarian Party, claims (with merit) that the Daily Fail lifted their ACPO story yesterday from his site.

Part-time webhost guy who was providing hosting to Indymedia had his doors kicked in at 7am this morning by plods on some ludicrous pretence. I say, regarding Indymedia, he should have known better, but that is far from being the point. This is an extremely concerning development.

Via other blogs (see right), I find an old 2008 article in the Tellygraph, which has uncovered Gordon Brown’s tips for students in Edinburgh, from a pamphlet published when he was the rector of the University of Quaker Oats. Tips include remembering to claim your ‘free money’ and your full entitlement to health and housing benefits.

Via other blogs (see right), from January this year, a most profound taking apart of Harriet Hormone, which is always worth reading – even if it is Melanie Philips.



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