Meh, Meh and Thrice Meh

Yes – it’s in there!

Meh has been added to the dictionary. This settles a 3 year dispute between me and a fellow Scrabble maniac. I wonder what the rules are on retroactive scoring….

According to the Times, meh was chosen by a panel of judges in the “Word of Mouth” campaign “because of its frequent use today”. It was suggested by Erin Whyte of Nottingham, who described it as “an expression of utter boredom or an indication of how little you care for an idea”.The dictionary will define the word as “an interjection to suggest indifference or boredom – or as an adjective to say something is mediocre or a person is unimpressed”.

That which is not worth getting angry or even about is usually worth at least a ‘meh’.

But here’s a chap who finds it hard to meh. Sometimes I know how he feels:

Whilst I was walking home tonight, past pub after pub half filled with people indulging in the Great British hobby of getting wrecked on a Thursday evening, laughing and grinning their way through the evening, it occurred to me that the easiest thing to do would be to go in and join them. To stop worrying for a while. To stop thinking for a while. To resign myself to apathy, and bury my head in the sand and not think about the country and world around me. After all, it works for other people, so why not me?

Perhaps I’m retarded in some way – I certainly feel like I have Asperger’s Syndrome a lot of the time. But I just can’t do it. Don’t get me wrong, I go out to the pub, I enjoy myself, I live a life. But I just can’t bring myself to ignore the wider world around me. I just have to open a newspaper, go online, turn on the TV and I see something else that riles me. Or something that makes me shake my head. Or something that makes me worried about where this country is going and why the increasingly bovine masses fail to see what is happening.

Mmmmm tangents. I was looking for the relevant clip of Lisa Simpson on Youtube, but the miserable tossers at Fox made damned sure that no such fun could be had.



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