Doing one’s civic duty…

It would be remiss of us ALL not to report Antonia Staats to the Stasi…

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 23.36.53

For the record, she lives in Clapham (see here, search for Clapham). She went to Ferguson’s place on two separate occasions – 30th March and 8th April.

You know it makes sense.

Oh and Antonia Staats’ cuckold husband’s name is Chris. Search for that too.


Massey and Ferguson…

Uproar tonight as news breaks that the divisive dipshit Neil Ferguson has had to resign, after being caught having his married lover over to his house during lockdown for some extra-curricular fish-filleting.

Antonia Staats is a foreign, lefty, environmental activist and pro-EU campaigner.

Are we honestly surprised?

The thing that’s pissing me off though, is the photo of her that is doing the rounds:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 22.06.39

And people, looking no further, are like: Wow, he was punching above his weight, I would etc…

But because I’ve been on the Internet for 25 years, I knew damned well that this photo is almost certainly (1) 10 years old and (2) hiding something.

And we need only turn to the Daily Mail for the answer. Here she is:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 22.10.49

As soon as the doorman heard the front door go “chonk, chonk, chonk” he knew who was there.

And here she is again:

Ferguson deserves to be ruined…. a campaign to have him fired from Imperial and made untouchable by all publishers should be unrelenting.

Not for sticking it in this wobbletastic kraut trout, but for thinking it’s okay for him to do this while being a key player in screwing up the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of people in this country, wrecking the future of the economy and of society for a generation or more.

I’ve fucking had enough. If I passed this cunt in the street, I’d put him under an oncoming car.


UPDATE: And for the cherry on today’s triple-cooked shitcake:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 22.32.54

Hail to the Queen…

No, not that one… or that one, or…. no.

This one:

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 16.25.55

It’s faintly embarassing that in order to get some common sense, reason, humanity and backbone we have to refer to a foreign woman author, in contrast to the platoons of bedwetters that have taken over the British public sphere.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 16.30.26

But there it is…. well worth a listen. And you needn’t worry about there being too much of Brendan O’Neill speaking.


Therapist will see you now…

So much circumstantial evidence… just what could it be telling us?

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 17.04.50

An email has come in from Jen:

Sometimes I am okay but other times I can’t seem to stop crying, sometimes I panic that I have caught the virus but, mostly my heart breaks for my parents who have lost their freedom and I miss them terribly.

And then the guilt for feeling so up and down.  My husband hasn’t shown any emotion and just thinks about going to work.

I’ve found walking, moving and yoga helps a lot. Are there any supplements that you would recommend? I’ve heard good things about 5-HTP.

Dear Jen,

How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up?

Let me know how it goes (don’t).

We have had an email in from Jane:

​I am aged 60 and single contentedly going along with my part time job and also rental income from a restaurant. Since lockdown my part time job has gone (I dont get paid as I am self employed) and the restaurant has asked for a 6 months rent holiday. Understandably in these circumstances.

I feel very panicky as my income as disappeared.  I may get a little back from the government.I also enjoyed my part time job in a solicitors but am not sure it will come back. So I am grieving that as well.

I am struggling to keep positive for the future and whether I can keep my house as I still have a mortgage.

If you could give me some advice to keep positive I would be very grateful.

Dear Jane,

Chin up, love. You’ll be dead soon.

Another question via email from Kate:

I am very concerned about the mental health damage long term this lockdown is having on children. My nephew burst into tears the other day because his mother handed him a chocolate and he said he couldn’t eat it because she had touched it and it had virus on it. What resources are there to ensure that this situation does not cause long term mental health issues for children.

You’re right to be concerned, Kate.

Children can easily be damaged by overexposure to a neurotic mother. There’s an urgent need for fruit-pickers, so why not pack them off with a sandwich and a one-way ticket to East Anglia?

We’ve had a question in from Charlie via email:

​Hi Bryony,

As this lockdown continues to drag on, it continues to take its toll. In particular my partner has been really struggling often breaking down in to tears and in unable to focus on anything including her work. It sounds selfish but I am now really struggling as there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to help and often if I do something I end up making it worse but doing nothing or just listening also doesn’t seem to help. She had been seeing a councillor prior to the lock down and she thought it was helping.

However, since the lockdown she has been unable to go see her councillor and the councillor will not do anything over the phone. My partner has been given recommendations for a new councillor who will do thing over the phone but she is reluctant to speak to anyone she hasn’t met before given she had made so much progress with her last councillor.

I am beginning to get frustrated there is nothing I can do and this is beginning to come through which makes things a lot worse for my partner who is already struggling and feeling guilty.

What is the best way to support someone who is struggling with the lockdown? What advice can I give to my partner who is clearly struggling with day to day life.

Hi Charlie,

Tell your partner that she should definitely dump you, because you’re a spineless millennial faggot.

Do you have any pics? I’m guessing she’s a fatty, since she sees a counsellor.

and an email from Julie Mc Mahon

Hi Bryony, Hope you are okay today. I work for the NHS in front line mental health services. I am not so much worried about me, personally I think my mental health has improved since lock down, with some lows. I have eliminated a lot of negative behaviour and habits that just were not serving me. The lows are just worrying about family, stuff that I cannot control. I am unable to travel to Ireland, and feel stuck here. I just wonder is there any box I can put that stuff in? It comes up every week, and if I don’t tend to it in time, it results in a very low mood and sense of panic.

Dear Julie,

You shouldn’t be worried about not being able to travel to Ireland. The Wuhan deaths-per-million over there are huge.

As for your other worries, there’s a big empty box labelled “How many potatoes it takes to kill an Irishman.” Just use that one.

a question over email from Jenn:

I’ve had OCD since I can remember. It ranges from checking plugs, doors etc a certain number of times to intrusive thoughts which my compulsion is to shake my head to ‘remove.’ I’ve been to CBT and found that helped. I tried sertraline for a while but didn’t like the side effects.

But I’ve also had health anxiety googling symptoms constantly. Going to doctors for reassurance. Both conditions are getting worse during lockdown especially health anxiety. Do you have any advice? My worry about my health and coronavirus is really strong at the minute.

Dear Jenn,

The phone and keyboard are known to harbour more germs than any other household item. You’d do well to stop using them.


Safer at home?

The Great One flaps his chops today about the post-lockdown phase in Colorado.

You’re Safer At Home” says Big Brother.

“ORLY?” Says I.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 16.07.12

Huh. So when all those fuckwits were saying “yes but if you go walking/driving/dogging away from home, you risk an accident that will take up vital NHS resources” they weren’t considering the full picture?

Maybe they didn’t see my idiot friend drop a dumbell on her foot at home the other day.



Still arriving.

  • Perth
  • Hong Kong
  • Bahrain
  • Amritsar (Interesting that they obscure that one by using the IATA airport code ATQ)
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Zurich
  • Toronto
  • Frankfurt
  • Dublin
  • Miami
  • Helsinki
  • Amsterdam
  • Doha
  • Los Angeles
  • Washington DC
  • Rome
  • Dusseldorf
  • Vancouver
  • Paris
  • Valetta
  • Geneva
  • Lisbon
  • Tokyo
  • Islamabad
  • Madrid
  • Cork
  • Taipei
  • Nice
  • Barcelona
  • Tel Aviv
  • Ahmedabad
  • Goa
  • Lagos
  • Munich

And obviously there’s no way that putting an end to this vector could help get us back to normal quickly.

No way at all.


A voter writes…

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 17.14.13

This is now the biggest obstacle to any hope of returning to normal.

We should not be surprised by this – after all, the government and the media did a great job of creating a massive bogeyman that would make us all run away and hide under our beds.

Now they’ve got to coax us out again, while telling us they were beaten by the bogeyman, which is still at large. It will be no small feat while the media is awash with people like this.

Fear cannot be allowed to prevail, or we are Donald Ducked.

I still think an incipient growing wedge of people who just need to get back to work and get back to a life worth living will overcome the lockdown by default. Four more weeks of this is going to see patience run right out.

I’m starting to wonder if Boris’s concern about how he’ll go down in history is the second-biggest obstacle, by the way. ‘The guy who caused 50,000 to die for the economy’ is not what he wants on his headstone, and that may well be an overriding preoccupation.


All because the lady loves Milquetoast…

This whole reaction to the Wuhan Flu is driven by women – and by their spineless white knights – who will gladly trade away everyone else’s privacy and liberty for her security.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 14.42.22

(Pastebin Link)

This is why they should not be allowed to vote – if they don’t have a husband whose vote they can influence over household matters, then no voice, no say, because it’ll only be used to make the whole debate about them and what other people should give up to make them comfortable.

I know, not all women, blah blah… well, women are forever controlling and policing each other’s behaviour… you should have policed this. A few of your number have spoiled it for all of you. That’s one of your favourite lines of reasoning isn’t it? Enjoy.



Being the hedonistic party-guy that I am, this evening has been spent with these, which I commend to you all:

I’d not come across Pippa Malmgren before, but I really liked her. She’s engaging, articulate, her metaphors are great and just really enjoyable and informative to listen to. Jim Rickards is sound as ever, and can make us all feel like optimists, compared to him.

Next, I need to caveat the following video. Peter’s sound quality is really patchy. I stuck with it, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. I was glad I persevered.

And maybe it’s the Coronafever, but I really like this guy’s videos.




Field notes from the end of the world…

In the end… it’s going to be by default that we exit from lockdown. People will soon have had enough.

Even necessary trips are now painful. At first, a trip to the supermarket was – once the panic buying had died down – kinda okay. Everyone was muddling through as best they could, both staff and customers. Wear a makeshift mask, keep your distance, bimble around the place as ever you would, only stopping to wonder who the fuck suddenly needed 300KG of pasta bowties.

But now… things have changed. The jobsworth brigade have had time to get organised. A visit to the food shop now is like the trudge from the train to the gas-chamber. “Einkäufe Macht Frei” says the new sign over the door as you go inside and join the snaking queue through the pointless bit of the shop you only ever visit if you need a £3 bra, or some pants that will chafe your balls raw. The 10 dithering bints in front of you all get distracted from the process of moving the queue forward to fondle the polyester merchandise at length, but you can’t get past them because the aisle isn’t wide enough, and the yellow-tabbard social-distancing police are loving their newfound power.

Then there’s the one-way aisles and the mix of conformism, defiance, and utter incomprehension. Chaos.

And there’s the utter pointlessness. The checkout woman has a metre-high plexiglass screen to protect her… but it’s only a metre wide… at the side where you stand before she serves you and the side where you stand when you’re packing? Nothing. Just two open spaces punctuated by a completely pointless £300 plexi screen. And she’s touching all my shopping, without having washed her hands since the last customer. Pointless.

Tannoy blah blah covid blah no more than 3 of any item blah saftey of you and our colleagues blah. Rinse and repeat. *Headphones on*

Almost no-one was wearing a mask. I had my skull & crossbones bandana over my face because it’s both camp and alarming. Next week I’ll be using a black ski mask and for the week after that, I’ve got a lovely niqab. I’ll be accessorising those with a tyre iron and a vest full of C4 respectively. But the vast majority of people? Nothing.

Everyone (apart from a few zoomers working there) was utterly miserable. Ashen-faced, slow-moving, dead-eyed miserable.

There will come a point – and I don’t think we’re that far away – where an awful lot of people will say “to hell with this. This isn’t living. Let’s get on with life and if I get it I get it.”

And that is all before we consider the massive numbers of people who are in suspended-animation (furlough™), whose livelihoods are in stasis, unlike their living costs. A good many of these people don’t have a week’s money in the bank, let alone another month.

No, sheer forces of nature are going to bring this lockdown to an end before Boris is back at the helm making the big decisions. Quite what the coppers will do about that is anyone’s guess.



Just another stab at genocide…

That comment in my last post about potentially indefinite social distancing? Got me thinking, so it did.

“How is the species going to perpetuate itself then, Professor FuckStick?”

“Well, by rulebreakers. I suppose”

“Any idea which demographics that would most strongly apply to, Doctor M’ngele?”

“I have no idea what you mean *whistles*”